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Packing A Bag For

A Cabo wedding has the potential to fulfill your wildest long as you pack right. The last thing you need is to arrive in Cabo and realize you forgot one or several important items. Packing for weddings in Los Cabos is different from packing for other destinations. The fact that you are heading to Cabo for your wedding makes the packing process that much more challenging and important. Here's what to pack for weddings in Los Cabos.


You will need a little bit of everything when it comes to clothes. Aside from underwear, socks, undershirts, tops and bottoms, you will also need formal attire for the wedding. This includes the groom's suit/tux, shoes, pants, tie, vest and the bride's gown. Be sure to pack at least one extra dress shirt just in case the wedding is on a hot day that leads to excessive sweating. Throw in a couple hats and sunscreen, but remember that at night the breeze can cause it to get cool. For good measure we suggest that you throw a pashmina or shall in your bag for the evening time.

A side note: male guests should be sure they’ve packed their ties or bow ties because there is nowhere in Cabo to purchase one last-minute! These are the tiny details that a local Cabo wedding planner would be able to prepare the bride, groom, and wedding party for.

Pack a Beach Bag

You will spend plenty of time on the beach while in Cabo. Pack a beach bag with sunglasses, chapstick with a high SPF rating, the forementioned sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, a good book, sandals and a towel.

Vitamins & Medications

You need to be as healthy as possible for the big day. Pack vitamins, emergenC and other supplements or medications you regularly take. A change in atmosphere may spark up allergies, so pack your allergy medications to ensure you’re feeling your absolute best.


Though you won't spend much of your time in Cabo staring into screens, you will probably feel a bit lost without your usual electronics. Pack your smartphone, MP3 player, touchpad/laptop, digital camera for the wedding and kindle/e-book for time on the beach.

Remember, if you are coming from Europe you will need to bring an outlet adaptor for your electronic devices and your electric beauty supplies.

Don't Forget Those Toiletries

There is no sense in buying toiletries in Cabo when you can pack them ahead of time. Bring deodorant, moisturizer, makeup, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a diva cup and travel size mouth wash.

Don't Forget Your Written Vows

You spent time masterminding the details of your vows so don't leave them behind. If you have not yet written your vows, don't attempt to write them the night before the ceremony. Waiting until the last minute will only stress you out when you should be relaxing and getting your beauty sleep. Bring a tangible copy of your vows and e-mail them to yourself as well as your wedding planner as a fail-safe.

Travel Documents

All travelers will need a passport if flying. Don’t be the person who misses their flight because they forget this important detail at home. The bride and groom will need special documentation to legally finalize the marriage process. When in doubt, rely on your wedding planner to ensure you have all the proper documents packed for your Cabo wedding. Start the process now so you aren't scrambling for documents in the days and hours leading up to your flight.

Travel Steamer

A travel steamer won't take up too much room in your luggage yet it will ensure your clothes are free of wrinkles for the wedding. Don't bank on the hotel's pressing service to do the job. Each time your dress is moved it could be burnt, stained, soiled etc. A travel steamer lets you give your dress and other clothes a once-over in your room so you look your very best.

Nail Polish

You definitely don't need a chipped nail for your big day. Bring nail polish with you so you can get in those last minute touch-ups if required. You should bring nail polish even if you are having a professional do your nails on the morning of the wedding. Bringing your favorite color will also be a backup in the event that the nail salon doesn't have just the right hue. Be sure to also bring nail polish remover wipes in case of emergency! This option is easier to fly with, and is less likely to spill and stain or ruin something of importance.


Though it might seem odd to bring a wedding invitation to your Cabo wedding, having one on-hand will give the photographer a chance to photograph it with the other important components of your wedding. Speaking of photographs, bring along a legitimate camera aside from your smartphone. Sure, you'll have a professional photographer on-site yet you'll also want to snap some high-quality shots of you and your sweetie having fun before and after the wedding.

Start the Packing Process Now

Print off this packing guide for weddings in Los Cabos. Write down additional items you think of before the trip. Check off each item as you pack it so you are guaranteed to have everything you need for an absolutely flawless Cabo wedding. When in doubt, over-pack. You never know what will pop up in the days before the wedding and on the day itself. If you are prepared with extra items, you will be able to handle just about any type of emergency or surprise.

Your wedding in Los Cabos should be everything you’ve always dreamed of, and with the professional team of planners at Creative Destination Events, you can have it all!

Our wedding planners love to create unique moments for our brides and grooms, and we take great pride in making the planning experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

From recommending the best venues in Cabo to building the vendor teams that help make the magic happen, our wedding planners promise to take your wedding vision and bring it to life!

You can place all your confidence in the professionals at Creative Destination Events. We’ll make sure every little detail of your Cabo wedding is picture-perfect! Catch a sneak-peek of some of our amazing Cabo weddings in this mini video:

Wedding favors are a fun way to thank your guests for sharing in your celebration of love. We know from experience your guests will love a personalized memento of your wedding day in Los Cabos!

There are so many great wedding favor ideas for a destination wedding in Cabo, but we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to share with you. We hope you will love these little favors as much as we do!

1. Mini tequila bottles Miniature tequila bottles make fabulous wedding favors for a Cabo wedding! They can be personalized with your wedding date, can double as seating cards and can even be used to make a tequila toast at the reception! Is there anything better than a heart-shaped bottle of Mexico’s most famous spirit?

2.    Maracas Colorful maracas are another great destination wedding favor that can be personalized just for your Cabo wedding! You might have your wedding date or your names painted on the maracas, and they are every bit as functional as the tequila bottles. Your guests can use the maracas to make noise after the ceremony kiss and throughout the reception! Maracas also create cute photo ops!

3.    Mexican blankets Depending where you’re traveling from and what time of year you decide to marry, evening temperatures in Los Cabos can get chilly! What better favor could you give your guests than an authentic Mexican blanket or throw? This is one gift they will definitely take home and use, and they’ll think of your amazing Cabo wedding every time they curl up with it.

4.    Local handmade art Our local artisans work hard to create beautiful souvenirs for your home, so why not give your guests the gift of some gorgeous handmade art? We love these bright, handblown glass hearts, and we think they make romantic mementos of your time in Los Cabos.

5.    Beer koozies A beer koozie makes a great, functional wedding favor. You can personalize your koozie with a funny saying or with your wedding details, and your guests will use them throughout the rest of their trip to keep their cold drinks cold! Our favorite part about beer koozie favors is they are relatively cheap, so you could throw them in as an additional gift if you want to do more than one thoughtful wedding favor.

Remember, having a destination wedding means you and your guests will be enjoying a great vacation for several days. A meaningful wedding favor is sure to keep the party going long after last call at your reception!

Contact our wedding planners for even more wedding favor ideas! We love to help our couples add a unique twist to their destination wedding in Los Cabos.

No vacation to Los Cabos is complete without a day at the beach, but many people ask us what else there is to do on a visit to our little paradise. The answer is there are endless activities for every type of person!

Our wedding planners have created a list of some of the best activities to try in Cabo on your next vacation!

Best Fun Water Activities

Cabo is surrounded by beautiful blue waters, so you will naturally find many water activities here! Some water activities are more adventurous, and others are quite relaxing.

1.Surfing There are many great surfing spots for beginners and pros alike in Los Cabos. Some are hidden local gems and others get pretty crowded. There are also a couple of local surfing schools if you want to take a lesson.

2.Stand up paddle (SUP) Stand up paddle has grown in popularity in Cabo over the past couple of years. You will find SUP tours, lessons and rentals at many locations, including surfing schools, resorts and some hotels.

3.Scuba diving If going underwater is your thing, then Cabo may be the ideal vacation spot to do some scuba diving! Relatively warm waters, short boat rides, and dive spots for everyone from beginners to professionals are all great reasons to scuba dive in Los Cabos. There are classes, tours and day trips available.

4.Snorkeling There are so many different ways to experience snorkeling in Cabo! Everything from party boat snorkeling tours to quiet beach snorkeling awaits snorkelers of all skill levels!

5.Swimming with dolphins Dolphin Discovery in San Jose del Cabo offers a swim with the dolphins program. The dolphin interaction takes place in an ocean cove, not a pool, and they have packages available that include transportation and photo memories.

6.Fishing Cabo boasts world-class Marlin fishing year-round. There is good fishing for other big game fish too, and with fishing waters as close as 15 minutes from the marina, you are sure to enjoy your charter fishing trip!

7.Jet skiing Jet ski rentals are one of the most popular water activities in Cabo, and they are definitely one of the easiest too! You can reserve a jet ski rental online or haggle in person for a better price (and a more authentic local experience).

8.Flyboarding One of the newest watersports to hit Los Cabos, flyboarding combines jet skiing with wakeboarding, so you are propelled in the air above the water. It’s considered an extreme sport, but since a professional controls the amount of propulsion, you can learn the basics and start having fun in just a few minutes!

9.Banana boat If extreme sports and diving aren’t really your thing, then take a quick spin on a banana boat! You can’t miss these big yellow inflatables in the water, and you are guaranteed to have a good time as your banana boat speeds through the water and you try to hang on as long as you can!

Best Land Activities to Try in Los Cabos

Not everyone loves to be in the water, but thankfully Cabo has a number of fun and exciting activities to do on land! 

1.Golfing If you’re a fan of hitting the links, then you will love Cabo’s many professionally designed golf courses. The beautiful views and amazing amenities will impress everyone from beginners to experienced pros.

2.Horseback riding Always wanted to ride a horse on the beach? Los Cabos has several guided horseback tours to choose from, and most will include a short trip to the beach for the best photos!

3.ATV tours If you want to do some desert trail exploring or more extreme adventure touring, then an ATV ride is a great idea! Most companies offer several tour options, so you can choose the level of adventure you like most!

4.Ziplining Ziplining is one of Cabo’s most popular adventure activities! If you love a good adrenaline rush, then an afternoon of ziplining, hiking, rock climbing and repelling will leave you feeling exhilarated (and ready for a good dinner and a cold margarita)!

Best Social Activities You Must Try When in Cabo

Different people have different ideas of adventure, and if your idea of exploring is simply checking out the poolside bar or perusing the menu at a 5-star restaurant, then don’t worry! Cabo still has plenty to offer in the way of relaxing dining and nightlife activities!

1.Lounging poolside If you like to spend your vacation soaking up the sun and meeting new friends by the pool, then look no further! Some resorts offer a day pass for non-guests, so you can check out the vibe at nearby locations if you aren’t feeling the pool area at your hotel or resort.

2.Spa party Traveling with a group of friends? Why not throw your own spa party by the pool? A great massage, mani/pedi, facial and hydrating body treatment are just some of the amazing services you can enjoy over champagne and hors d’ouevres poolside.

3.Dining out We cannot say enough good things about the food scene in Cabo! We have everything here from the best-rated fine dining to the most delicious taco shops! There is excellent sushi, Italian food and, of course, the freshest seafood you will taste anywhere on earth!

4.Mexican cooking lesson A popular activity at some of the local resorts, a cooking lesson is a fun, interactive way to gain a new skill or two in the kitchen. You’ll even find a great cooking school right here in Los Cabos, where you can learn about the different regional cuisines from all over Mexico!

5.Wine or tequila tasting Baja California is home to many up-and-coming wineries. If you really want a taste of the local flavors, we recommend a wine tasting with tapas or dinner. And if wine isn’t your thing, then find one of the many resorts or adventure tours that offer a tequila tasting…salud!

6.Nightlife Cabo has a reputation as a party town, and although the Spring Break crowd does get a little crazy, most of the year Cabo is simply a fun, diverse place to go out at night. There are bars with a nightclub atmosphere, dive bars, sports bars, karaoke bars and more! You will find rock stars, celebrities and locals all having a great time together almost any night of the week in Cabo.

We hope you find our list of Cabo’s best activities very useful. There are so many more things to do that we could not list them all, but we encourage you to try something new on your next vacation in paradise!