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Packing A Bag For

A Cabo wedding has the potential to fulfill your wildest long as you pack right. The last thing you need is to arrive in Cabo and realize you forgot one or several important items. Packing for weddings in Los Cabos is different from packing for other destinations. The fact that you are heading to Cabo for your wedding makes the packing process that much more challenging and important. Here's what to pack for weddings in Los Cabos.


You will need a little bit of everything when it comes to clothes. Aside from underwear, socks, undershirts, tops and bottoms, you will also need formal attire for the wedding. This includes the groom's suit/tux, shoes, pants, tie, vest and the bride's gown. Be sure to pack at least one extra dress shirt just in case the wedding is on a hot day that leads to excessive sweating. Throw in a couple hats and sunscreen, but remember that at night the breeze can cause it to get cool. For good measure we suggest that you throw a pashmina or shall in your bag for the evening time.

A side note: male guests should be sure they’ve packed their ties or bow ties because there is nowhere in Cabo to purchase one last-minute! These are the tiny details that a local Cabo wedding planner would be able to prepare the bride, groom, and wedding party for.

Pack a Beach Bag

You will spend plenty of time on the beach while in Cabo. Pack a beach bag with sunglasses, chapstick with a high SPF rating, the forementioned sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, a good book, sandals and a towel.

Vitamins & Medications

You need to be as healthy as possible for the big day. Pack vitamins, emergenC and other supplements or medications you regularly take. A change in atmosphere may spark up allergies, so pack your allergy medications to ensure you’re feeling your absolute best.


Though you won't spend much of your time in Cabo staring into screens, you will probably feel a bit lost without your usual electronics. Pack your smartphone, MP3 player, touchpad/laptop, digital camera for the wedding and kindle/e-book for time on the beach.

Remember, if you are coming from Europe you will need to bring an outlet adaptor for your electronic devices and your electric beauty supplies.

Don't Forget Those Toiletries

There is no sense in buying toiletries in Cabo when you can pack them ahead of time. Bring deodorant, moisturizer, makeup, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a diva cup and travel size mouth wash.

Don't Forget Your Written Vows

You spent time masterminding the details of your vows so don't leave them behind. If you have not yet written your vows, don't attempt to write them the night before the ceremony. Waiting until the last minute will only stress you out when you should be relaxing and getting your beauty sleep. Bring a tangible copy of your vows and e-mail them to yourself as well as your wedding planner as a fail-safe.

Travel Documents

All travelers will need a passport if flying. Don’t be the person who misses their flight because they forget this important detail at home. The bride and groom will need special documentation to legally finalize the marriage process. When in doubt, rely on your wedding planner to ensure you have all the proper documents packed for your Cabo wedding. Start the process now so you aren't scrambling for documents in the days and hours leading up to your flight.

Travel Steamer

A travel steamer won't take up too much room in your luggage yet it will ensure your clothes are free of wrinkles for the wedding. Don't bank on the hotel's pressing service to do the job. Each time your dress is moved it could be burnt, stained, soiled etc. A travel steamer lets you give your dress and other clothes a once-over in your room so you look your very best.

Nail Polish

You definitely don't need a chipped nail for your big day. Bring nail polish with you so you can get in those last minute touch-ups if required. You should bring nail polish even if you are having a professional do your nails on the morning of the wedding. Bringing your favorite color will also be a backup in the event that the nail salon doesn't have just the right hue. Be sure to also bring nail polish remover wipes in case of emergency! This option is easier to fly with, and is less likely to spill and stain or ruin something of importance.


Though it might seem odd to bring a wedding invitation to your Cabo wedding, having one on-hand will give the photographer a chance to photograph it with the other important components of your wedding. Speaking of photographs, bring along a legitimate camera aside from your smartphone. Sure, you'll have a professional photographer on-site yet you'll also want to snap some high-quality shots of you and your sweetie having fun before and after the wedding.

Start the Packing Process Now

Print off this packing guide for weddings in Los Cabos. Write down additional items you think of before the trip. Check off each item as you pack it so you are guaranteed to have everything you need for an absolutely flawless Cabo wedding. When in doubt, over-pack. You never know what will pop up in the days before the wedding and on the day itself. If you are prepared with extra items, you will be able to handle just about any type of emergency or surprise.

How to get started planning a Cabo Beach Wedding

A destination wedding provides memories that last a lifetime. It is imperative that you plan ahead of time for this monumental event. Start planning your Cabo beach wedding now so everything is in place when the big day arrives. However, do not be surprised to find that hiring a wedding planner is the most sensible option for you.  Here are a few of the things you should consider.


Don't let the red tape get in the way of an otherwise perfect Cabo beach wedding. You and your fiancé will need to bring a valid passport. It is also necessary to bring a copy of your birth certificate. This document must be annotated and translated by an authorized translator who is certified in Spanish. Passports take time to process, and some lost paperwork that is needed may take even longer to get returned to you. A wedding planner will help ensure that you are aware of everything that is required of you so that nothing goes wrong on your big day.

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Consider Visiting in Advance

Though Cabo beach weddings are almost always flawless, you will obtain considerable benefit by taking a trip to this lovely locale before your wedding. An early visit to Cabo will provide valuable insight in regard to hotels, restaurants, beaches, activities etc. After all, you can only learn so much by reading information on the web. Experiencing Cabo is significantly different. So, hire a wedding planner and prepare some time to scout out Cabo with them. They will be able to show you several venues and options that align with your vision. If you don’t have time for a pre-wedding visit, don’t stress, your wedding planner should have plenty of information and images to send you so that you can pick the perfect setting.

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Start Planning Right Away

Planning a destination wedding is not an easy and seamless process, especially with language barriers. If your wedding is 10 months, a year or even a year and a half away, you likely think you have more than enough time to get everything in order. The truth is that it is never too early to start planning your beach wedding. You’ll need to consider everything from lodging to food, decorations, attire, vendors, invitations and so on. Prices differ considerably between Cabo hotels, private villas, venues and vendors. This means you will need to rely heavily on someone who knows the area and venues well. This is why hiring a wedding planner is the best option for brides wanting a destination wedding. It leaves the bride with plenty of time to coordinate travel with friends and family. Your guests will require advance notice in order to request time off from work and coordinate travel/hotel accommodations. Give your guests at least eight to ten months notice for your Cabo beach wedding.

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Vendor Planning

If you schedule a pre-wedding trip to Cabo, have your wedding planner coordinate meetings with popular florists and wedding décor rental companies. You should also consider vendor selections for hair, make-up and spa services for the bride and wedding party. A wedding planner is sure to have some valuable insight as to which vendors are best and will be prepared to show you all the incredible options that are available.

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Mind the Wedding Dress

Cabo beach weddings are fabulous in every regard. The sun is almost always shining and the temperature is usually on the warm side. Opt for a “breathable” lightweight lace wedding dress so you don't get too hot on your big day. Do not make the mistake of checking your wedding dress when you get to the airport. Do not let your dress out of your sight! Bring your dress with you on the plane. You might have to fold the dress to carry it aboard yet you can always have it pressed and steamed before your beach wedding ceremony begins.

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Consider Your Guests' Gift Baskets

Spend some time brainstorming gifts for your wedding guests. Welcome baskets or bags serve as a meaningful expression of gratitude for those who have invested time, effort and money to make it to your Cabo beach wedding. Ideas for basket items include waterproof single-use cameras, flip-flops, bottled water, tasty treats, gift certificates to venues (ask your wedding planner for help with this!) and sundries from local souvenir shops so that your guests have a piece of Cabo to take home with them.

Discuss Cabo Beach Wedding Costs

Have a conversation with your significant other about your Cabo beach wedding finances. Figure out who will pay for what between the two of you as well as the guests. Social convention dictates guests pay for their transportation to the wedding and hotel arrangements. The groom usually covers his groomsmen's rooms while the bride covers her bridal party's rooms. Additional costs to consider are the reception, welcome party, rehearsal dinner, food, drinks and activities. Having planned many weddings in Cabo, a team of wedding planners such as Creative Destination Events can discuss with you the typical costs associated with a destination wedding.

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Determine if Special Accommodations are Necessary

Send out inquiries to everyone who has RSVP'd for the wedding to find out if special accommodations are necessary. Perhaps someone is a vegan, vegetarian or strictly consume gluten-free food. Maybe someone will bring an infant and requires a crib. Some couples with children might desire babysitting services. It is possible that the resort will provide such a service. Perhaps an older wedding guest needs a wheelchair. Figure out all these details ahead of time and make arrangements with your wedding planner so that they can ensure everything is ready upon your guests' arrival. This way, brides can focus on the fun parts of wedding planning!

If you are engaged to be married or will soon be engaged, a big decision looms: where to hold the wedding. Your wedding is a monumental life event that you, your family and friends will remember forever. Opt for a destination wedding in Cabo and everyone will have an absolute blast. Cabo weddings allow for immediate honeymooning, endless fun for family and friends and the opportunity to enjoy a glorious setting while celebrating your love.

Cabo is Closer to Home Than Most Think

Cabo is located at the edge of the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Your loved ones and friends won't have to travel far to reach this exotic wedding destination. Plenty of celebrities head to Cabo for weekend getaways. This easily accessible location can be reached without extensive travel. It is a quick flight from the major US airways.

A Stunning Setting

Cabo is perfectly positioned amidst gorgeous desert scenery, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Just about everyone loves water, especially the lovely blue hue of the Sea of Cortez. This wedding destination has it all, from tall palm trees to comforting ocean breezes, lovely sandy beaches and breathtaking views. Your party can lounge on the beach, take a dip in the water, hop on a boat or snap photos from the comfort of their villas.

A Place Where Your Guests Can Feel Comfortable

Your guests will feel perfectly safe when spending time in Cabo for your wedding celebration. The most significant safety concern is a sunburn. Cabo really is that safe. Though Mexico has developed a bit of a reputation as a dangerous area, Cabo is widely revered as the country's safest tourist destination. Locals are friendly, the crime rate is low and the focus is on having fun rather than self-preservation.

Honeymoon Without Delay After Your Cabo Wedding

Wouldn't it be nice to start honeymooning immediately after your wedding ceremony? It is possible with a Cabo destination wedding. Just about everyone who weds in Cabo stays for a lengthy honeymoon. Cabo is the perfect place to relax, spend quality time with your spouse and celebrate your love. This wedding destination is chock full of luxury resorts that will pamper you and your sweetie exactly as you desire.

Cabo resorts also provide all sorts of upscale niceties for your wedding guests to enjoy. Everything from spa treatments to dining at award-winning restaurants, cruises and chic nightclubs are available to the newly married couple and wedding guests.

Cabo Weather is as Good as It Gets

The last thing you and your guests want for the big day is a thunderstorm, overcast skies, hail or any other form of precipitation. Cabo has absolutely perfect weather. This popular wedding destination is known for its incredibly sunny days, minimal wind and cloudless skies. Enjoy a Cabo wedding and you won't have to deal with weather troubles that interfere with hair, makeup, attire, centerpieces and other niceties of the celebration. Cabo is warm and sunny for nearly the entire year. Though August and September tend to be comparably hot and rainy, the other 10 months of the year are absolutely flawless when it comes to weather.

Cabo has Something for Everyone

Cabo appeals to people of all interests and backgrounds. Whether your Cabo wedding guests are looking for world-class beaches, lavish resorts, scrumptious cuisine, surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, nightclub parties, fishing, ocean access or magnificent sunsets, Cabo has it. The best part is that each of these activities can be enjoyed on absolutely gorgeous days. Cabo receives year-round sunshine, making it the perfect place to hold an unforgettable wedding celebration.

A Cabo Wedding is Money Well Spent

Cabo is an upscale and visually spectacular location and is relatively easy to travel to from most states in the United States. The natural beauty is free to enjoy and will keep friends and family in awe while providing the perfect backdrop for a ceremony, reception, and photos. Also, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy vacation time in Cabo during their stay – a wedding and a vacation – two unforgettable opportunities in one!

A Memorable Wedding Experience

Part of the reason to attend a wedding is to enjoy a unique experience that is savored for years to come. Invite your guests to your Cabo wedding and just about everyone will jump at the chance to celebrate your love in this beautiful setting. The glorious scenery will make the wedding's visuals indelible. Furthermore, your guests will have at least another day or two to enjoy everything Cabo has to offer. Guests will savor the experience as well as the memories for years to come.

If you are planning on getting married, there is no better wedding location than Cabo. Cabo has everything you could hope for in a wedding destination. From stunning natural scenery to gorgeous wedding venues, unique culture and every amenity you could hope for, Cabo has it all. This is the perfect place to make your dream wedding a reality. Creative Destination Events is here to help you book your Cabo destination wedding. Let us sweat the small stuff so you don't have to worry about planning all your wedding on your own. Here's a look at some of the top Cabo wedding venues. 

Top Six Los Cabos Wedding Venues - Creative Destinations



Glorious Cabo Weddings at Villa Bellissima

This glorious Cabo venue features contemporary architecture, upscale amenities, a lovely hillside villa and so much more. Villa Bellissima's 8-bedroom villa is spacious, sophisticated, glamorous and incredibly comfortable. Guests will absolutely love spending time on their terraces while reveling in the glory of these magnificent vistas. Amenities include pool terraces, a gourmet kitchen, a home theater with a 112” screen, a gym with an ocean view and luxurious furnishings.

Villa Bellissima accommodates upwards of 100 sit down or dinner guests or 150 standing guests, appealing to the cocktail or party aesthetic and feel. You won't find a better location than this oceanfront hillside. Villa Bellissima overlooks wondrous Pacific Ocean vistas. Indoor or Outdoor reception, Villa Bellissima allows you to share your dream wedding with all of your closest friends and family.

Glorious Cabo Weddings at Villa Bellissima - Creative Destinations



Villa Turquesa – Scenic Cliffside Wedding Venue

This elegant 9-bedroom venue is positioned on a scenic cliff above the Pacific ocean. Nestled directly above the beach, Villa Turquesa offers 15,000 square feet of indoor space along with 10,000 square feet of outdoor space. If you are looking for luxurious amenities (such as a theatre room) and expansive rooms, as well as incredible indoor and outdoor space, this wedding venue is for you and 100 of your family and closest friends.

With an outdoor fireplace, gas grill, stereo system, shade structure, grass yard, hardwood chaise-lounge chairs and dining space for up to 60, Villa Turquesa offers niceties that make its outdoor areas the perfect venue for a wedding.

Villa Turquesa – Scenic Cliffside Wedding Venue - Creative Destinations



Villa Estero, A Stunning Beachfront Wedding Destination

This visually stunning beachfront villa features quite the unique blend of classical Roman and colonial Spanish architecture. The bride, groom and wedding guests enjoy direct access to East Cape's glorious golden sand. Outdoor facilities accommodate upwards of 40 sit down guests or 50 standing guests. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more personal and luxurious wedding destination in Cabo.

Villa Estero provides five large and air-conditioned private bedrooms, perfect for a large family. With wrap-around sofas, dining tables that seat 12, an outdoor grilling/dining space, jacuzzi, hammocks and suites with glorious ocean views, this is the perfect place for a family to stay during the celebration, or for a small reception to be held afterwards

Villa Estero, A Stunning Beachfront Wedding Destination - Creative Destinations



Cabo del Sol-Luxurious Hacienda-style Wedding Venue

Cabo del Sol provides the all the eye candy and luxurious comfort a bride and groom could hope for. The impressive hacienda style venue with almost 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space joined by retractable glass doors is an aesthetic that impresses all who visit the venue.

Cabo del Sol offers various areas for a wedding or reception. With a grassy green golf course providing beautiful views of the desert kissing the sea, or immediate beach-front access, outdoor lovers will find their perfect wedding venue. For an indoor reception Cabo del Sol offers the exclusive Club House of the golf course, featuring vanity areas, dressing rooms, lounges, showers, and dining facilities.

Cabo del Sol-Luxurious Hacienda-style Wedding Venue - Creative Destinations



Weddings At The Imperial Suite at Grand Fiesta America Los Cabos 

If you are looking for a wedding destination that features the best of the sea and the desert, you won't find a better site than The Imperial Suite at Grand Fiesta America Los Cabos. This venue is as luxurious as it gets. The facility is characterized by its “Grand All Inclusive” concept in which nearly every indulgence you can imagine is provided. The guest rooms provide unparalleled comfort. Meals inspired by the diverse regions of Mexico are served 24 hours a day. International fare is also available.

Whether you are looking to soak up the local culture, express your creativity or engage in athletic activities, you'll be able to do it all and then some at this world-class wedding destination. The best part is that everything is included in the facility's all-inclusive rate. The hotel has 249 rooms with private balconies that provide stunning views of the sea and mountains. Be sure to check out the on-site SOMMA WineSpa's wine-based treatments. The venue also features a gym, tennis courts, horseback riding, golf, fishing and diving opportunities.

 Imperial Suite at Grand Fiesta America - Creative Destinations



Esperanza Resort – Tropical Oasis Wedding Destination

Esperanza is located on the beautiful Baja shores. This glorious tropical oasis covers 17 acres with lovely greenery and direct access to the water. The venue features an award-winning spa, fitness program and gourmet meals made with fresh ingredients sourced from local fishermen and farmers. This is your opportunity to enjoy the sea-to-table dining experience you have always dreamed of. Esperanza even offers cooking classes with acclaimed Chef Guillermo Gomez. Additional activities include sailing, snorkeling and golfing on five championship-level courses. 

Esperanza Resort - Creative Destinations