Destination Proposal

Love is certainly in the air this time around, and if you have zero doubts, purchased the ring, and are ready to pop the question, why not do it during an unforgettable Cabo getaway? You may have heard about destination weddings already, and while they often steal the spotlight, destination engagements are a rising trend, and for a good reason.

Embarking on a destination proposal is an exhilarating journey, blending romance, adventure, and that crucial element of surprise. And it’s especially perfect if you’re envisioning a wedding close home.

However, like any grand endeavor, a destination proposal requires thoughtful planning. From selecting the ideal spot to hiring a photographer and nailing down the perfect timing, there are a few things to consider.

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure your Cabo proposal is flawless:

To fully enjoy your vacation post-proposal, consider popping the question at the beginning of the trip. This way, you won’t need to safeguard the ring for an extended period, and you can spend the rest of your vacation basking in the afterglow of your engagement and make it all about celebrating it.

Destination Proposal
Destination Proposal

Engaging a local planner in the region where you plan to propose is a game-changer as planning from afar can be challenging. Provide them with your budget, have a few phone consultations to outline your vision, and let them work their magic. A local planner can handle everything from hiring a photographer to curating the florals, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Destination Proposal

Capturing the moment is crucial, and hiring a professional photographer and videographer is a must. Who doesn’t want magazine-worthy photos of one of the most important moments in your life in a breathtaking setting? Through your local planner, you can find a reliable expert who understands your style and can document the proposal with finesse. These images and videos will not only be cherished memories but can also be used for save-the-dates and social media announcements.

At Creative Destination Events, we’re passionate about making your Cabo proposal a heartfelt and authentic experience. From the initial idea to the magical ‘yes,’ we’ll take care of every detail, ensuring nothing is overlooked. From finding you the perfect venue or a yacht, to customized designs and beautiful settings that will create a warm and romantic ambiance for the best time ever. We will coordinate photography and video and create a full timeline for the moment to run without hiccups. Live music or spectacular fireworks? You got it! We want you to be fully present and enjoy the moment with no worries or jitters.

Cabo has called, and your proposal awaits. With thoughtful planning, the breathtaking backdrop of Cabo will complement the beginning of your forever. Take the opportunity to ask in the month of love and make it extra special.

Contact us today, and let Cabo be the place where forever begins💍✨

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