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Planning A Cabo Wedding on your own

If you are considering a wedding in Cabo, don't try to do all of the planning on your own. A Cabo wedding planner will prove quite helpful throughout the planning process. Take a moment to think of everything involved in a wedding. You need accommodations, food, formal attire, music and so much more. Don't burden yourself with managing all these details. Let's take a look at why a Cabo wedding planner is so important to pulling off a flawless wedding

Avoid Information Overload

Mexico has more than its fair share of vendor options, resorts, beaches and things to do. This is especially true of Cabo. If you try to process all of the available options, select what you believe to be the best, make reservations and time the whole thing just right, you might have a nervous breakdown. It is easy to succumb to information overload when planning a wedding, especially one in Cabo. This is especially true for those who have not visited the area in the past. A Cabo wedding planner will make the planning process quite easy. She will do all the work while you sit back, relax and dream about how beautiful your Cabo wedding will be. 

Let a Cabo Wedding Planner Do the Hard Work

A wedding involves a seemingly endless number of people and niceties. From the music to the photographers, vendors, food, receipts, confirmation calls and beyond, there is simply too much to handle! Leave this work to the professionals so you can focus on having the time of your life rather than mulling over all the minor details of the event.

Budget Appropriately

A wedding planner can help you decide which areas to spend and save on, depending on your vision. Wedding planners have connections with local service providers and know which ones provide the best services at a fair cost. They are industry insiders that have mastered the art of strategically budgeting all details of a wedding to create each bride’s dream experience.

Preserve Your Valuable Time

If you work, have a child or are simply a busy person, the last thing you need to worry about is all the details of your wedding. Planning the entire event can take hundreds of hours. Your time is too valuable to spend on these tasks. Hire a Cabo wedding planner and you will maximize your free time. Wouldn't you rather enjoy some “me time”, time with your child or stay focused on work rather than handle the mundane aspects of a wedding?

A wedding planner will do all the research, accommodate your desires, confirm services, obtain receipts and make sure the wedding is pulled off without a hitch. A Cabo wedding planner knows all the ins and outs of the local service providers. She'll hook you up with the best so you don't have to spend your valuable time conducting researching and hoping you pick right.

Romantic Cabo Wedding Destination Planning


Though you might have a general idea as to what you want your wedding to be like, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. A Cabo wedding planner will offer unique insight that improves your wedding in unexpected ways. Many of these suggestions could help a bride decide what is reasonable in her budget. Alternatively, if you are unsure what you want from your Cabo wedding, sit down with a wedding planner for an extensive consultation. They will help you shape the perfect day that proves memorable for years to come.

Simplify Your Wedding Budget

Wouldn't it be nice to tell someone how much you'd like to spend on your wedding and exactly what you desire then have them plan and coordinate it exactly as you envision? Hire a Cabo wedding planner to gain a better understanding of what a wedding will cost according to your vision, specifications, and number of guests. This is the magic a Cabo wedding planner can work for you. Suggest how much you'd like to spend on each category, explain what you want out of your wedding and relax while it comes to fruition. This way, you won't have to worry about planning all the details and keeping track of the spending along the way. You can rest easy knowing your specifications will be met.

Build a Reasonable Timeline

You might know exactly what you want your wedding day to be like yet you probably aren't sure how much time should be spent on each aspect of the event. A wedding planner takes your vision and builds a realistic timeline that is provided to vendors and other service providers. This way, everyone involved in the wedding is on the same page. A Cabo wedding planner will be sure to help you connect all of the dots.


A Critically Important Piece to the Destination Wedding Puzzle

Destination weddings are somewhat challenging in that you do not live near the location. A wedding planner will prove indispensable to your destination wedding. She will organize every aspect of the wedding, piecing together this gigantic jigsaw puzzle to perfection. After all, your Cabo wedding planner knows the area better than you do and speaks the local language (which is essential to communicate with all vendors and vendor’s employees, especially on the big day).

If you have never planned a wedding, you might not know how many times the venue must be measured for decorations and tables, etc. You may have never had to test cake or food from five different vendors until you found the perfect one. You may not be prepared to spend three days at the wedding and reception venue set up for the big day. These are details that make hiring a Cabo wedding planner invaluable. They answer every call, plan every detail, assure that those details are coordinated and implemented perfectly, and communicate any and all questions or concerns for you leading up to your wedding day. Imagine reaping the benefits of the perfect wedding, without having to deal with the stressful day-to-day conversations and planning required of a bride for 6-18 months before the big day! It is possible with a Cabo wedding planner.

It’s February, and love is in the air in Los Cabos! Nothing sets the mood quite like the perfect event lighting, so this week we’re sharing some of our favorite lighting looks from our sister company, Cabo Linens, Things and More….

Proper lighting is one of the most vital elements of any special occasion. Lighting not only transforms your venue into a magical space for your guests, but also it creates a dramatic first impression when people walk into each area for the first time.

There are so many ways to customize your lighting design, and no one in Cabo designs an unforgettable event space better than our team of wedding planners working with Cabo Linens, Things and More…!

For a rustic lighting design that still radiates romance, we love the look of string lighting. From beach venues to intimate garden affairs, string lighting is versatile enough to go from casual to elegant in any setting.

Candles are another of our favorite lighting elements. The soft glow of candlelight always sets a romantic tone, and the simple look of votives and mirrors will never go out of style.

Lanterns are also a trendy lighting option we adore for events in Los Cabos. Cabo Linens, Things and More… has so many lantern styles to choose from, including paper, metal and wooden lantern styles. Of course, as Cabo’s leading custom décor design company, they are always happy to create additional lantern lighting to fit your theme.

One fun way to highlight a particular area of your event space (such as the dance floor or bar) is to use colored under lighting or accent lighting. When combined with monogram lighting, colored lighting gives a completely custom feel to any celebration.

Finally, for the perfect first dance or after-party photo op, sparklers are another of our favorite lighting effects! Your wedding photos will literally shine with the magical look of sparklers in Los Cabos!

The wedding planners at Creative Destination Events and the design team at Cabo Linens, Things and More… make the perfect team for your special event in Cabo. Contact us today to work with the Morel Companies on your destination wedding or private event!


This time of year, many couples are recently engaged. We want to make sure they enjoy the Los Cabos wedding planning experience from start to finish. Since destination wedding planning in Los Cabos from afar can be an overwhelming process, we’re starting 2017 with the many important reasons to hire a Los Cabos wedding planner from Creative Destination Events.

Los Cabos wedding planners can help you plan your dream destination wedding | Creative Destination

A good wedding planner makes any bride’s life a lot easier, but for Los Cabos destination brides, it is essential to have a local professional from your wedding destination working on your behalf. When questions and concerns come up (as they always do), a destination bride cannot simply stop by the venue and clear up the confusion. Having a trustworthy professional on your side is necessary when you’re planning the most important day of your life from another country!


Newly engaged couples, here are five important reasons why hiring our team of professional wedding planners should be your first step in planning a Cabo wedding:

1.  As premier Los Cabos Wedding planners, we care about your vision and your personality as a couple, and we promise to make sure that vision comes to life just as you imagined it. 

2. We’re 100% familiar with all the best Cabo wedding venues, and we’ll help you choose the location that best matches your wedding style and the size of your guest list.

3.  We build our vendor teams from scratch, and we only select the best, most reliable professionals in town!

4. Choosing Creative Destination Events means you also get the opportunity to work with Cabo’s premiere décor design company (Cabo Linens, Things and More…), as well as Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, the most experienced bridal hair and make-up salon in the region.

5. No one obsesses more about the little design details than the planning team at Creative Destination Events. We consider your transportation, food and beverage, flowers, lighting, music, entertainment, bridal beauty, and so much more as we turn your destination dreams into reality.


Your Cabo wedding isn’t simply a ceremony and reception. The process of planning a destination wedding is much more involved—your guests need travel information, accommodations, vacation activities and directions to everything they’re expected to attend—and none of those plans include any of the actual wedding events! For the wedding itself, there is the welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after-party and farewell brunch to consider.


Planning a destination wedding in Cabo is essentially organizing a multi-day vacation itinerary for dozens of people and handling all the details from another country. The process is incredibly detailed and requires the full attention of a team of Los Cabos wedding planner professionals.

Creative Destination Events is here to take the stress out of planning your Los Cabos wedding. Start the rest of your lives off on the right foot—call us today!

Photos by: Ana and Jerome Pink Palm Photo - Gonzalo Verdeja  - Alex Lasota

The holidays are a time to give thanks for what we love, and it just so happens as Cabo wedding planners we are feeling extra thankful for Cabo weddings like this one!

Rebecca was one of the most thoughtful, generous brides we have ever worked with. She asked us to provide so many amazing details and amenities for her destination wedding guests we are sure they will be talking about her Cabo wedding for the rest of their lives.

Cabo Destination Wedding Venue Examples

We met this bride more than a year ago, when she hired our team of Cabo wedding planners and specialists to help make her bridal dreams come true! What a wonderful journey it was to work with a bride who wanted to perfect even the smallest of details for every aspect of planning her Cabo wedding. Rebecca truly had a vision of the fairy tale wedding experience in Mexico, and our Cabo wedding planner team was there to help her refine and execute those ideas every step of the way.

This Cabo wedding just goes to show that if you can dream it, Creative Destination Events can do it!

Cabo Beach Destination Wedding Venue ideas

Wouldn’t it be nice if your guests could stay in some of the finest luxury private villas while they attend your wedding festivities in Cabo? When you hire our Cabo wedding planning team, you have our promise they will find the best accommodations for everyone. Not only do we work with the top vacation rental property companies, but we also offer to arrange for door-to-door transportation to and from the airport. 

Need a place for your guests to gather as they all arrive in town? Our team of planners organized a meet-and-greet for Rebecca’s wedding guests, and we would love to do the same for yours!

Do you think a spa day is in order after all that traveling? We think spa services are a great idea, and we planned a relaxing spa party for Rebecca’s guests with mobile spa services from Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care.

Cabo Villa Destination Wedding Venue ideas

We also put together so many adorable details for Rebecca just to make sure every one of her guests felt special. From custom invitations for each of the festivities to gift baskets with personalized “Do Not Disturb” door hangers, we left no stone unturned when it came to planning this heartfelt wedding experience.

How do you feel about hosting an informal—yet perfectly put together—rehearsal dinner? We assisted Rebecca with booking a dinner cruise on a yacht with a fun, vibrant Mexican theme. We made sure each and every detail was flawless, and our Cabo wedding planners personally oversaw the design of so many custom décor items to make certain the yacht was dressed up for the fiesta! The team of designers at Cabo Linens, Things and More… really outdid themselves with all the fun details—it was the perfect way to spend the evening before Rebecca’s wedding in Cabo.

And as much as everyone adored the Mexican rehearsal dinner, they were left speechless at the show-stopping luxurious villa wedding and reception!

Colorful Cabo Beach-side wedding

Where do we even begin with how stylish and romantic this private villa set-up was? Like all of our Cabo brides, Rebecca deserved the best of the best on her wedding day, and we are proud to say our Cabo wedding planner team delivered a dream-come-true!

Everything about the wedding day embodied luxury, grace and sophistication. The décor, florals, venue, and food were all planned so carefully to work as one breathtaking scene. And of course, with that stunning panoramic ocean view as the background, Rebecca’s wedding was simply a vision of perfection.

Colorful Cabo pool-side wedding Mexico

Again, we are just so thankful to work for our couples who decide to get married in the paradise that is Los Cabos. We have to give a tremendous amount of credit to our trusted vendor teams who follow our lead in going above and beyond for our brides and their guests.

Remember, if you can dream it, we can make it happen in Cabo! Contact our experienced team of Cabo wedding planners to get started planning your own destination wedding today!

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