Wow Factor! 5 Over the top Special Elements for Cabo San Lucas Weddings

Weddings are always memorable. There’s no chance a bride or groom will ever forget the experience of walking down the aisle, or of pledging their eternal love to one another; nor will friends and family ever forget being part of such a singularly special occasion. But let’s be honest: some weddings are more memorable than others. The appeal of the destination wedding, for example, rests largely on its ability to deliver something well beyond the expected norm, from breathtaking tropical locales to over-the-top extras. That’s certainly the case with Cabo San Lucas, which has become one of the world’s preeminent destination wedding sites not only by showcasing plenty of spectacular coastal settings–think swaying palm trees and waves cresting dramatically off golden sand beaches–but also by providing surprising and often delightful one-of-a-kind experiences.  How delightful, you ask? Here are five of our favorite over-the-top special elements for Cabo San Lucas weddings.

Let the Fireworks Begin

Most people when they think spectacular fireworks, think of the 4th of July or similarly patriotic occasions. It’s a treat generally reserved, at least in the common perception, for special holidays and celebrations. The latter category should certainly include weddings, yet think how rarely it happens that a fireworks display is integrated into a wedding ceremony or reception.

It’s not as if fireworks are inappropriate for weddings. Indeed, for decades, fireworks have been a sort of cinematic shorthand for first love, for that first kiss or night spent together. As onscreen lovers embrace, pledging themselves to one another, the camera cuts to a succession of exploding fireworks, a kaleidoscopic burst of bright lights and colors. It’s a metaphor for the excitement of young love, the power of commitment.

Fireworks don’t just work as metaphors, however. They’re must watch attractions, entertainment of the highest order, a stimulus to which no one can remain indifferent. Imagine fireworks exploding over the majestic granite monuments at Land’s End as you and your betrothed enjoy your first dance together as man and wife.

That’s an over-the-top extra, but an essential one for truly wow factor Cabo San Lucas weddings.

These Dancers Are on Fire

Anyone can hire a DJ to spin the wedding reception standards, from Etta James’ At Last to Sinatra crooning The Way You Look Tonight. It’s a popular choice, but hardly one that rates highly on the entertainment scale. To the contrary, it’s unoriginal and anathema to the very idea of an unforgettable wedding.

If you really want to impress your guests with something exciting and unpredictable, try a performance from Mexican fire dancers.

Take folkloric dance and traditional costumes whose origins date to the time of the Aztecs, mix in flaming torches manipulated in rapid fire fashion, and what you have is the very definition of a wow factor experience.

Flower Power

Flowers aren’t quite as exciting as fireworks or fire dancers, but they are a wedding staple, from garlanded altars and tabletop floral arrangements to colorful blooms for the bridal hairdo. In fact, one of the abiding principles of wedding design is that you can’t have too many flowers.

That principle finds its truest expression in the flower cart…an old fashioned wooden-wheeled cart filled to bursting with beautiful flowers, from roses and lilies to sunflowers and Aztec marigolds. The beauty of the cart is in its aesthetic possibilities. Guests can put together their own bouquets, braid flowers in their hair, or simply revel in the overwhelming profusion of exotic colors and intoxicating fragrances.

The timeless appeal of flowers is precisely that they’re not timeless. They beg to be appreciated in the moment, before their captivating charms start to fade. The appeal of the flower cart itself, however, never fades. The wooden wheels may evoke nostalgia, but the contents liven up any party, especially one in a setting already overflowing with lush tropical foliage.

The Complete Cigar Experience

This one has a decidedly masculine appeal, but why not? Fact is, most wedding design, décor and amenities are tailored to a feminine sensibility. Girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day in a way boys typically don’t, and so over time the wedding has become less civil ceremony and more fairy tale romance. And that’s as it should be, but it doesn’t mean there can’t also be some treats set aside for the guys…like say a cigar bar where the men can loosen their bow ties and relax with robustos and snifters of finely aged añejo tequila.

México may not be Cuba in terms of cigar prestige, but the country’s premier tobacco growing state, Veracruz, does produce some of the finest cigars in the world, not to mention some of the finest cigar rollers. And yes, veracruzanos and other skilled national practitioners are available to hand roll cigars on demand at “Cabo San Lucas weddings”, wrapping fresh tobacco leaf to custom dimensions. Prefer a modest petit corona or a more impressive Churchill? In terms of wedding experiences your guests will be talking about for years to come, this is a guaranteed winner, a unique upscale touch sure to delight the gentlemen in attendance…and perhaps a few of the ladies as well.

The Magic of Mariachis

Nothing says “Mexican wedding” quite like a mariachi band. Born in the haciendas of 19th century Jalisco, the state that also gave the world tequila, these iconic charro suit clad balladeers have proved just as popular in modern times.

The enduring appeal is obvious. A full mariachi band (most feature about 12 members) is an absolute feast for the senses. The men command attention in their wide-brimmed sombreros, spangled suits and cowboy boots; and their signature blend of instrumentation (violins, trumpets, guitars and bass) allows them to cover a wide range of material, from stirring party favorites to romantic love songs.

One of the underrated things about choosing mariachis as a wow factor, over-the-top extra for Cabo San Lucas weddings is that both their look and sound can be custom tailored for any occasion. Planning an elegant all-white wedding? You can have your mariachis attired in matching snow white outfits, so that not only do they charm guests with their harmonies while singing time-honored Mexican standards, they do so within the bounds of the overall design aesthetic. Want to have a special song played? The mariachis can arrange their own rendition, serenading you in the inimitable Jalisco style.

The magic of a mariachi band is that it’s much more than a mere entertainment spectacle. It’s an immersive cultural experience.

Why Creative Destination Events

Thinking about your own destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, complete with fireworks and fire dancers, cigar rollers and mariachis? Call Creative Destination Events today at (619) 819-9180.

We’re the premier full-service planning and production company in Cabo San Lucas, and our talented team loves working closely with couples to translate wow factor wedding dreams into an unforgettable reality.

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