How To Pack Your Bags Appropriately For A Wedding In Cabo

A Cabo wedding has the potential to fulfill your wildest dreams…as long as you pack right. The last thing you need is to arrive in Cabo and realize you forgot one or several important items. Packing for weddings in Los Cabos is different from packing for other destinations. The fact that you are heading to Cabo for your wedding makes the packing process that much more challenging and important. Here’s what to pack for weddings in Los Cabos.

Wedding In Cabo


You will need a little bit of everything when it comes to clothes. Aside from underwear, socks, undershirts, tops and bottoms, you will also need formal attire for the wedding. This includes the groom’s suit/tux, shoes, pants, tie, vest and the bride’s gown. Be sure to pack at least one extra dress shirt just in case the wedding is on a hot day that leads to excessive sweating. Throw in a couple hats and sunscreen, but remember that at night the breeze can cause it to get cool. For good measure we suggest that you throw a pashmina or shall in your bag for the evening time.

A side note: male guests should be sure they’ve packed their ties or bow ties because there is nowhere in Cabo to purchase one last-minute! These are the tiny details that a local Cabo wedding planner would be able to prepare the bride, groom, and wedding party for.

Pack a Beach Bag

You will spend plenty of time on the beach while in Cabo. Pack a beach bag with sunglasses, chapstick with a high SPF rating, the forementioned sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat, a good book, sandals and a towel.

Vitamins & Medications

You need to be as healthy as possible for the big day. Pack vitamins, emergenC and other supplements or medications you regularly take. A change in atmosphere may spark up allergies, so pack your allergy medications to ensure you’re feeling your absolute best.


Though you won’t spend much of your time in Cabo staring into screens, you will probably feel a bit lost without your usual electronics. Pack your smartphone, MP3 player, touchpad/laptop, digital camera for the wedding and kindle/e-book for time on the beach.

Remember, if you are coming from Europe you will need to bring an outlet adaptor for your electronic devices and your electric beauty supplies.

Don’t Forget Those Toiletries

There is no sense in buying toiletries in Cabo when you can pack them ahead of time. Bring deodorant, moisturizer, makeup, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a diva cup and travel size mouth wash.

Don’t Forget Your Written Vows

You spent time masterminding the details of your vows so don’t leave them behind. If you have not yet written your vows, don’t attempt to write them the night before the ceremony. Waiting until the last minute will only stress you out when you should be relaxing and getting your beauty sleep. Bring a tangible copy of your vows and e-mail them to yourself as well as your wedding planner as a fail-safe.

Travel Documents

All travelers will need a passport if flying. Don’t be the person who misses their flight because they forget this important detail at home. The bride and groom will need special documentation to legally finalize the marriage process. When in doubt, rely on your wedding planner to ensure you have all the proper documents packed for your Cabo wedding. Start the process now so you aren’t scrambling for documents in the days and hours leading up to your flight.

Travel Steamer

A travel steamer won’t take up too much room in your luggage yet it will ensure your clothes are free of wrinkles for the wedding. Don’t bank on the hotel’s pressing service to do the job. Each time your dress is moved it could be burnt, stained, soiled etc. A travel steamer lets you give your dress and other clothes a once-over in your room so you look your very best.

Nail Polish

You definitely don’t need a chipped nail for your big day. Bring nail polish with you so you can get in those last minute touch-ups if required. You should bring nail polish even if you are having a professional do your nails on the morning of the wedding. Bringing your favorite color will also be a backup in the event that the nail salon doesn’t have just the right hue. Be sure to also bring nail polish remover wipes in case of emergency! This option is easier to fly with, and is less likely to spill and stain or ruin something of importance.


Though it might seem odd to bring a wedding invitation to your Cabo wedding, having one on-hand will give the photographer a chance to photograph it with the other important components of your wedding. Speaking of photographs, bring along a legitimate camera aside from your smartphone. Sure, you’ll have a professional photographer on-site yet you’ll also want to snap some high-quality shots of you and your sweetie having fun before and after the wedding.

Start the Packing Process Now

Print off this packing guide for weddings in Los Cabos. Write down additional items you think of before the trip. Check off each item as you pack it so you are guaranteed to have everything you need for an absolutely flawless Cabo wedding. When in doubt, over-pack. You never know what will pop up in the days before the wedding and on the day itself. If you are prepared with extra items, you will be able to handle just about any type of emergency or surprise.

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