Propose in Cabo, Popping the question was never this awesome.

Have you found your significant other for life? Are you planning on taking the next big step?  We have exactly what you need to close the deal and start your lives together with the best Engagement Experience Ever.

What’s the deal about finding a significant other to share our life? Something that we all have thought about at least once. From movies to TV, articles and love stories, the idea of finding someone to share the rest of our lives with has and will always be present… and we love it! At Creative Destination Events we consider ourselves in love with love.

Nothing fills more our hearts than getting to know a couple planning something about their future together; a beautiful destination wedding, a romantic anniversary experience for two, a surprise birthday dinner party with friends and family or an unforgettable surprise engagement.

Yes, we do it all but this time around we want to tell you a little more about how to make your engagement the best possible experience ever. It starts with a very simple idea: pop the question in Cabo… step two is to make sure to reach Creative Destination Events to do it the best possible way! Years and years of doing what we love have taught us a lesson or two about how to make your celebration an everlasting memory and we want to share every detail with you. Let’s get a little more into it…

We know what to do and how to do it for you to have an unforgettable engagement experience, we will get into that but first we want to address a few ideas for you to be aware of for your love celebration to be really personal. We want to guide you throughout the full planning process discovering what’s in your head and heart and put the message out exactly as you want it to.

You are the one who knows how to surprise them. If something intimate will work better than sharing the full experience during a family vacation; if they are the type of person who prefer a romantic dinner for two at the beach, a sunset cruise with the arch as the perfect backdrop, a walk on the beach with a surprise fireworks show, we want to know what do you like to make it happen! The options are countless and as we have said, we need to get to know both of you as much as possible. Once we have your concept developed we will take a jump into all the options we have for you regarding inspiration, ideas, venues, styling, and find that big experience that works for what you are looking for: A perfect proposal.

A teepee picnic with a bonfire, delicious salt and sweet appetizers, both of you seated in a cushion in the sand, the sun starts setting down… you get the idea right? Perhaps candles and a lightning spectacle in a beautiful garden with photos of both of you everywhere for you to remember every big moment you have shared together and suddenly you kneel and the magic happens.

There’s a lot that we can do, no matter what style you like the best for your Cabo Proposal, it will look stunning but you are the one who knows every detail about your significant other, you are the one who knows their likes, their passions, what fills their hearts with joy…

We want to use all that information to create something stunning and very personal for both of you. Something that works all the way in your favor to have the most amazing experience, to show your love in the most breathtaking kind of way and to have the happiest “Yes” of your life.

At Creative Destination Events we have a full commitment with you and your need of belonging, your need of sharing with the people you care about in your life creating moments to enjoy and treasure. When it comes to a proposal we are looking forward to helping you grow your bond with your future life partner, we look to create emotions and sensations that will make your love for each other even stronger. We want to give you the best beginning for this new adventure you are about to start!

How is this possible? It starts by you trusting in us and by us getting to know both of you. Stories about how you met, your first vacation together, if you have any pets, nicknames, favorite color, a favorite flower… A first conversation to put ourselves in your shoes seeing every detail with your eyes creating something that will be recognized as something truly unique: A completely customized celebration for your own delight to show how much you care, to give a surprise like never before and make them feel as special as they deserve.

Sounds cool right? And you should know, it keeps getting better and better as we go on with the process until you finally pop the question and you find both merged in all the magic of the moment. For your experience to be as magical as possible we have a few recommendations for you:

Propose in Cabo Popping the question was never this awesome

-The time: Perhaps in your head, it might seem something simple to achieve but in order to make it memorable it is always better to take our time. You never know if during the process of planning your proposal, another idea comes to our minds and having enough time to change or adapt to obtain the result you want it’s priceless.

-The details: As we said it before, this has to do with getting to know you and your special someone through you. Any detail can open a new door for us to create something truly magical for such an important moment.

-The memories: You will always have the chance of taking pictures with your phone but trust us, you need a professional to take care of details. Only a professional will make sure that the experience is digitally kept the way it should, after all it is an experience that you will look forward to sharing with your friends and family, let’s make sure it is the best possible side of it.

-The surprise: Have an excuse. This is a very important point and it all depends up to you. No matter what the experience you decided to go with – a light set up in a garden, a casual dinner at the beach, a formal dinner at a restaurant…- this is a moment that will be kept not only in your memory but also in pictures and even video so, make a favor to the love of your life and make sure she or he are dressed up to the occasion with the excuse of a birthday, an anniversary celebration or any situation you think may work for the surprise to kick in the best possible way.

Now that you know almost everything you need in order to plan the perfect engagement, are you ready to go through with it? If so, let us know. We will make it as special as a proposal in Cabo can be, giving you the best possible experience for you to share with your special person.

As crazy as you think your ideas might sound we want to listen to each one of them. Fireworks, a dinner, lightning, fire, linens, structures and even a live streaming for everyone at home to be part of such a milestone you are about to take! Don’t forget to check our social media for thousands of ideas you can get, or event better get in contact with us from the U.S. or Canada at (619) 819-9180 for an initial consultation, or in México at (624) 105-1670 and let’s pop the question in Cabo!

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