With most gathering restrictions lifted now, at last, we can celebrate big! While now you can invite everyone and their cousin to your wedding and make it as great as you´ve dreamed of, a trend we are seeing permanent regardless of the group gathering limitations being more relaxed now is the micro wedding.

Small or Micro weddings became most popular in the last couple of years, as couples didn’t want to wait until the restrictions were over to have the wedding of their dreams. 

While we also love big gatherings, a small wedding with no more than 50 people or a very intimate affair of just 20 people with all the elements that make a wedding grand has its perks.  If you are in the stage of deciding the size of your affair and thinking, should I have a small wedding? you may want to read this.

A smaller guest list adds up to a smaller budget. Keeping the affair on the smaller side allows you to either save some money for your honeymoon or allocate your budget to wedding details you want so badly.

By saving money on fewer seats, fewer invitations, fewer wedding favors, and fewer meals you could splurge on that couture gown, the aisle of your dreams, additional flower arrangements, luxury place settings and personalized details for guests, that band you just love or a more extravagant menu… all those additional luxury and creative elements beyond basic that make the ambiance are a possibility.

It is easier to add a handmade place card or note for each guest to the budget for 30 people than it is for 150. So, either if you are on a strict budget or want a lavish event, a small wedding is ideal.

A small wedding is a whole different vibe. If you are concerned about not spending enough time with everyone or even worried about being the center of attention, this is the solution.  A small group keeps the ambiance relaxed and more in control and gives a more intimate feeling, creating a real connection with your group of guests and allowing you to spend quality time with them instead of worrying to visit 12 tables, limiting the conversation to “Congratulations!” and a picture because there is just not enough time, and you too want to enjoy the night.

Assigning seats is an essential task with larger groups to avoid chaos, conflicts, and tardiness but working on the seating chart is a real headache, as you have to sit down and take the time to think about who you can seat with other people that may not even know each other, and if they will easily get along. If you have a group of 35 people instead, you can skip the hassle and keep free seating with no problem.

If a destination wedding is what you have in mind, a small group is ideal. When planning a wedding that involves a trip, think you are asking your guests to take a plane and make not only an expense to watch you exchange vows in a location far from home, but also find childcare or pet care and find days off to spend a weekend celebrating with you on a dream trip. It may just be harder for them to attend versus doing it at home unless they are very close to you.

A destination wedding is an ideal excuse to narrow down your guest list, limiting it to immediate family, and closer friends or your bridal party without offending anyone. 

In the end, what is important is that you and your significant other have a blast with your loved ones, sharing the most important moment of your lives and creating meaningful memories. A smaller wedding does not mean it doesn’t have to be grand. In Creative Destination Events, we can assess you from A to Z with planning your ideal destination wedding, whether you are leaning for a bigger or small affair. We will gladly help you to make important decisions such as targeting your guest number according to your possibilities and needs to have your ideal destination wedding in Los Cabos.

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