Anyone who has ever dreamed of a destination wedding in some tropical paradise has a very vivid idea in mind of what their special day will look like, from the ceremony to the reception and perhaps even the honeymoon beyond (one of the benefits of getting married in paradise is the seamless segue into the honeymoon). But although destination weddings tend to share some distinct scenic similarities–beautiful beaches, swaying palms and crashing waves are virtually standard–they can and do vary widely in their planning and carrying out, and certainly every dream vision conjured in the mind of future brides and grooms is unique in its specifics. No two weddings are ever completely alike, nor should they be. With that last thought in mind, we’re going to focus on varying approaches to some of the most common themes for destination weddings in Cabo San Lucas.

Traditional with A Twist

 The traditional white wedding is just as popular in Cabo San Lucas as elsewhere, with the Land’s End city’s picturesque coastal panoramas paired most frequently with elegant and luxurious white furnishings and appointments. Indeed, so favored is the locale by the luxury market that gold is often worked in to a predominantly white visual palette as an accent color.

But white weddings in Cabo San Lucas needn’t necessarily be opulent tropical fantasies. There’s also elegance in simplicity, and a very real value in opting for a rather straightforward style of sophistication…particularly when planning for a full slate of wedding related events, from rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding outings to ceremony and reception. However, if you’re set on at least one wow-factor wedding element, you can always choose “the best of both worlds” approach: a simple and elegant white wedding in one of the magnificent luxury villas which cling to granite cliffs near Land’s End, showcasing stunning views of the Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortés, and sometimes both.

Kristina & Brennan at Villa La Roca

Rustic Beachfront Beauty 

For most weddings in Cabo San Lucas the beach remains in the background, an arresting visual component that like the gorgeous blues of the Sea of Cortés or Pacific Ocean offers breathtaking backdrops without entailing any real logistical issues. But the area’s spectacular collection of beaches can certainly be directly integrated into a ceremony or reception, and because of unique local architectural elements like palapa roofs and palo de arco pergolas, Cabo’s beaches can imbue weddings with a very attractive and charming brand of rustic beauty.

A great example of what might appropriately be termed “Baja rustic” is a wedding ceremony on the beach, with simple wooden-backed chairs rather than gold accented ones for guests, and an altar built in the local fashion and garlanded with fresh regional flowers. It’s simple and beautiful, with a postcard pretty background. You don’t necessarily need to kick off your shoes for a true barefoot wedding, but just know that you could…and that it would be perfectly appropriate given the relaxed and comfortable setting.

Receptions of the sort can follow a similar aesthetic pattern, with wooden tables and chairs, simple table runners rather than sleek or kaleidoscopically colorful linens, and unadorned but evocative accents such as lantern-like candle holders and hand-painted wooden signs.

But there are plenty of beach-y alternatives to “Baja rustic”, including slightly more upscale versions of the ceremony and reception–more of a “rustic elegance”–as well as tropically themed celebrations that feature casual but colorful apparel for the bride and groom, tiki torches, and luau-style buffets with oversized pillows for seating. The variety of beachfront celebrations is really only limited by one’s imagination.

Destination Weddings in Cabo San Lucas

Trendy Touches & Spectacular Venues

Prefer “boho chic” to “Baja rustic”?

The middle ground between tropical luxury and “Baja rustic” belongs to a laid-back yet trendy style that is typically referred to as “boho chic”, or in its local incarnation simply as the “Cabo style.”

Imagine casually chic décor in a breezy coastal setting:  comfy but stylishly upholstered lounge seating arrayed around an infinity pool for cocktail hour conversations, say, or vintage furnishings on a tile terrace overlooking a sweeping stretch of coastline. Think signature touches like tequila shot tables, with caballitos accompanying individual guest cards; or standalone doors covered in colorful complimentary maracas.

More moderne visions are also popular for “weddings in Cabo San Lucas”, from small ceremonies amid starkly beautiful natural or architectural designs to fashionably minimalist receptions featuring sleek tables and stripped down place settings.

Speaking of trendy Cabo San Lucas weddings, one of the surest ways to add stylish ambiance and spectacular views is to opt for one of the region’s impressive assortment of upscale venues. We mentioned luxury villas earlier, and certainly there is no shortage of these majestic and scenically situated casas. But plenty of other enchanting options exist, including some rather magnificently located resorts and restaurants.

Few places on earth boast as many gorgeous coastal resorts as Los Cabos, and the vast majority offer a varied range of potential ceremony or reception sites, from traditional chapels to spacious ballrooms and airy patio lounges. Coastal dining meccas too promise sunset ocean views and superb service, as well as mouthwatering menu options for the reception dinner.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

As you can see, there are myriad approaches available to those planning weddings in Cabo San Lucas. The only real constants are the stunning ocean views, of course, and also Creative Destination Events. We’re the premier wedding planners in Los Cabos, and there’s nothing our talented team loves more than working with couples to translate their vision of the perfect wedding into a perfect reality. For more information, call us today at (619) 819-9180.

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