Whenever there is a celebration, there is a cake. Whether is just a small gathering or a huge event, the cake is the pièce de résistance that marks the special occasion. Some of the most popular celebrations that involve this beautifully crafted treat are Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Baby showers, Milestones, Mother´s Day, Father´s Day. But, where did this cake tradition originate, anyway?

Probably, the German´s were the first to celebrate birthdays similar to the way we do in the actual days. In the 18th century, what they called Kinderfeste was a children’s birthday party. They would light the candles on a single layer cake in the morning which, by the way, was kind of a coarse bread and not as sweet as we eat it now, and they would let the candles burn all day on the cake until after dinner, when the cake was eaten.

In weddings, the cake origin goes back to ancient Rome, where marriages were sealed when the groom smashed a barley cake over the bride’s head. This was taken as a sign of good fortune and a blessing for long and happy life with many children. The guests would try to get a crumb for themselves as they too believed they would share in the prosperity and good fortune of the couple.

Nowadays, traditions have evolved and so the cakes, to be an art form. They have become so creative that you can choose from an elegant, sophisticated design or a sculptural, personalized cake to match any theme or style. A Master Baker can create so beautiful and clever designs that you would almost not want to cut them.

The cutting moment of a lovely cake is a very special one, an event itself. This is a moment that demands the attention of all the guests, a picture-worthy moment. Whether you are just having a mini celebration or a big party, here are some of our favorite ways to make the cake ritual extra special:

Enhance the presentation of that beautiful cake with a nice backdrop and display, with elements like flowers, balloons or custom neon light signs that will create wonderful pictures.

Adding cold fireworks can be a real showstopper, totally safe.

Elevate your cake cutting occasions

Adding a sparkler brings joy around in a safe way indoors. there are sparklers specifically designed for this purpose, that secure to the frosting of the cake and that are food grade.

Go out of the classic cake and get a fun custom design, according to the likes of the celebrated person or a theme. Themed cakes can also be at weddings, being the “grooms’ cake”. These cakes are fun, refreshing, and amusing to see.

If you are cutting your cake out in the open, wow your guests with a pyrotechnic show right after cutting the first piece. This for sure will make an exciting and memorable moment for your guests.

In creative destination events, we work with the best bakers in Cabo, able to provide you with the perfect cake for whatever the occasion, 100 percent customized. Our team of designers will work on the perfect structure style of cake and display for your special celebration. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life in the most delicious way. Contact us and let us make your sweet cake dreams come true to make that celebration extra special.

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