It’s time for two of our very favorite seasons: the holidays and engagement season! Yes, engagement season is a thing, WORLDWIDE. While engagements can happen any time of the year, on any date that is special to a couple, the most popular time for marriage proposals is between November and February, which is exactly the season between thanksgiving and valentine’s day.  This is why you may see lots of couples flaunting their wedding rings on your social media feed during this time of the year. It seems that the holidays are also the time when people think about relationships, their value, and the future ahead. with the many gatherings of the holiday season, is about the perfect time to propose to your bae, in front of your most loved ones all together, or how about asking the question exactly on valentine’s day, with a romantic dinner at the beach in Cabo! How romantic is that? Also, proposing at the end of the year gives you enough time to start planning a wedding as a new year begins.

Marriage Proposal
Marriage Proposal Where Do I Start

If you are thinking is about time to pop the question, here are a few tips to consider:

Is important that, before you ask the question you have had talks with your partner to make sure you are on the same page for the future, and both ready to take the leap.

Marriage Proposal

Take into count that bigger means pricier, but not necessarily better. If you know your significant other so well that you are sure exactly what ring would be perfect, you are so lucky! If you still have doubts, don’t be shy about asking a friend or family member to get more information for you on what your partner will prefer as for shape and cut, without ruining the surprise. The ring should fit snuggly so maybe you can bring another ring from your bae to the jeweler or measure the finger while asleep. Keep in mind you will stack a wedding band on that engagement ring, so choose one that fits with a band.

Proposing in front of friends and family on Christmas, New Years Day will be for sure a memorable moment for just the two of you in a super special place. Cabo is the perfect destination to either spend the holidays, pop the question or get married! We have it all! Consider a special destination like Los Cabos and our perfect sunsets will even make it more romantic and a whole new experience.

Marriage Proposal

you don’t have to plan your engagement alone and do it all yourself. The occasion itself could be already too overwhelming so don’t try to deal with all the proposal aspects on your own. You can hire a planner for a marriage proposal too! Our team of planners and designers will be happy to bring your ideas to life or suggest some if you don’t know exactly what to do or where to start. Our team will make sure your proposal is one of a kind. From exquisite dinner, the right music, and that hidden photographer to capture the moment. We think about all, so you just have to bring the ring.

Contact us and let our team of pros guide you in this important moment to plan a one-of-a-kind proposal.

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