When it comes to planning, we love taking over! Paying attention to little details is what we are here for.

Designing and styling are some of our favorite parts of planning. From the dance floor installation, the band or DJ setup, the right lighting, amazing food, a whimsical tablescape and décor to gorgeous flowers… all of these are particularly important aspects of an event, and we love these elements to be a perfect combination that is always pleasing to look at. We believe the perfect harmony of every element involved is a key aspect to turn your event into a memorable experience.

One of the important elements to pay attention to is the food presentation.

This is also part of the aesthetic that sets the vibe and can be easily adapted to the style or theme of your event.

In Creative Destination Events we work closely with the best culinary experts in Cabo to make your food and drink dreams come true. We make sure the presentation is always on point, within the vibe of the event, and of course, a delicious experience. We program tastings so you can experience the taste and quality and make your menu selection. Here is a little bit of how we style food and drinks.

The most popular styles of catering options are:

This is the traditional option. It gives a formal vibe without any doubt. Regularly consists of two courses (an appetizer and an entrée) plus dessert, mostly served tableside.

A more casual option that involves dishes that can easily be served on plates. A Buffet does not have to be only an ordinary banquet table with a white tablecloth. Don’t minimize the significance of the occasion by playing it too safe with nothing more than basics, let us bring it up a notch instead!

Just a little décor touch to your buffet line it’s all it needs.

Interactive stations allow your guests to construct their meal, by displaying a variety of food elements. Make it even more fun by incorporating décor, a bold color, natural fruit and vegetables, or props into these stations.

Style your Dessert Station into a sweet dream.

Or glam up your Signature Drink station with a pop of color.

With the help of stands, display boxes, foliage, baskets and linens in different fabrics, your food stations will turn from basic to amazing.

Family-style catering involves larger dishes that guests serve themselves from and pass along. This takes a significant part of the table and can easily become quite messy. When having too many décor elements, waiters normally just move all accessories to the side to place the food, and all the design aspects of your tables quickly get lost. Having this in consideration when working the décor and communicating with the staff of waiters is important to always keep the table pretty by moving the décor strategically to make space for the plates without losing its design.

The food and touch of décor must be balanced perfectly in this case. We don’t go with elaborated florals or many accessories on the table in this case.

We recommend this style for more casual celebrations with smaller groups.

With lots of hors d’ouevres, this style gives a more cheerful vibe. Your guests get to mix and mingle because there are no seating charts. A cocktail can either be a formal black tie, or a super laid-back soiree.

Finger food is sooo fun!

Herb, fruits and flowers, and foliage will enhance the presentation of your food and drinks. We will make sure the selection is in the right colors and related to the plate or drink following the theme of the event, whether is a tropical vibe

Or a modern birthday party

Using edible flowers is a more modern trend that gives the plate a lot of colors and you don’t have to worry about setting them aside when you are eating.

Choosing a color palette helps set the tone for the celebration. The color scheme can be applied not only in the decoration but also on your food and signature drinks, for yummy aesthetic pleasure.

Food and Beverages in Style

Did you know olors influence how appetizing food looks to us?

Service ware should be chosen to match the food, its shapes, colors, event theme style, and could make the food even more appealing. Mix colors and textures to give your dish more depth and variety.

Swapping the plain old tableware for stylish pieces to complement perfectly the tablescape and bring all the elements together, for the design to pop out even more.

Give your drinks a romantic wedding vibe by using classy glassware, touches of gold, and a floral touch.

As you see, little details, make a great difference! And we love to tie them all in, always with a special touch.

Let´s go beyond basic and contact us to start planning!

Creative Destination Events
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