Without any doubt, music is one of those elements that are an absolute must at a wedding. Music sets a tone, evokes memories and emotions, and shares a vibe with your guests. Maybe the first thing to come to your mind is to find that special song to walk down the aisle but, it is a little more than that. Your music timeline is yet another significant aspect to figure out for your perfect day. Think of music being the soundtrack of your dream wedding movie. Not only do you need to think of your big entrance music but think also of the background music during the reception and the right beats to hit the dancefloor and get the party started. You want music playing from the time guests arrive until the time you and your sweetie say goodbye to guests and hello to their new beginning together. We will explain to you the basics you need to know to pull off the perfect music program. YOUR WEDDING ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.

The traditional program at a wedding ceremony is to choose 3 types of songs:

  • Prelude
  • Processional
  • Recessional

This is the pre-ceremony. It usually starts early as 45 minutes to 30 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony, from when your guests start to arrive and find their seats. More likely, there will be some chatting at the beginning, as people will greet each other and get seated to wait. At this point, set the tone with some light, ambient music while guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin.

We recommend you choose something that can be easily transitioned within the same flow of the processional music (next part).

By now everyone will have taken their seats and will be quietly waiting for the grand entrance. This is where the wedding party, family, and finally bride come in.

You can go the traditional way and choose a formal piece, like Canon in D by Pachelbel or Bridal Chorus by Wagner. Or choose something modern, a song that is meaningful to you and your fiancé. At the end of the day, this song will be super special and will trigger the best memories forever!

This is your grand exit as a married couple. Is better to kick it up a notch and play something joyful and cheerful. This is a moment of all smiles for everyone. You just tied the knot, let the celebration begin!

Now your reception has begun with a cocktail hour. Keep the volume low enough for people to mingle. The best is to stick to instrumental, easy listening music.

This choice is very personal, and you must take some time to think carefully about your selection here. You want to have meaningful lyrics, slow and romantic tempo for you to dance to. This can be a song that you both love or has a special meaning for you and connects you both. The songs you choose are telling your love story to your guests.

You can also have a mother/son dance, father/daughter dance. or just go straight into the party. This is completely up to you.

At Creative Destination Events, we work with the best music vendors. We will help you find the best option that will surely be a hit with your guests. From string duos, a full wedding band to a hybrid combination of DJ/Acoustic guitarist and vocals. Everything is possible!

Should I have a band or a DJ? One of the most common questions… Here are a few details about each option that should take into count before deciding:

DJs work with recorded music, therefore they provide variety. They can go from playing light, dinner-appropriate music to pump up the party later in the night and smoothly transition genres at the dance floor, without losing the flow. If you feel like most of your group will be hitting the dance floor, this is your best option! They can be more flexible than a band that comes prepared with a previously agreed-upon song list. You can provide the DJ in advance with your favorite, must-play songs, and the absolute no-no list.

Since they are a one-person show, they need less equipment and don’t take a lot of space to set up and are more cost-effective than a live band.

Live bands are more interactive with people. They have the possibility of giving a twist to classic hit songs, do some, lyric changes, solos, mashups, shorten or dragging a song a little bit if needed, according to the moment. They create a focal point at the reception, so it’s entertainment even for those who do not like to hit the dance floor. They normally work with a repertoire of songs that they know well and are confident playing, but you can work with them in advance they may also be willing to learn a song for you and together build the perfect list. Naturally, the bigger the band, the more it costs as this implies a lot of people and equipment transportation. If space is a limitation, consider their setup will take a good chunk from your floor plan.

Wedding Music

In the live music range, there are also smaller ensembles, such as String duos or quartets and Acoustic Guitar/ Vocals, just to name a few.

These last ones are a more elegant touch, great for playing light music with a lot of feeling, perfect for ceremonies and cocktail hours… They can play any genre in an acoustic or instrumental version. So don’t be afraid to ask for your favorite tunes, regardless of the genre or style, and be surprised by the amazing, fun results.

Planning your wedding music is yet another task to do but, with our help is so much fun! Contact us and let us make your musical wedding wishes come true!

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