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Getting ready for your Cabo Wedding, every detail and a few recommendations from your Wedding Planners to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Last time we addressed the importance of having a Wedding Timeline for your whole Wedding Weekend in order for everything to flow and go as it should, in the exact moment and in the right way. Getting a little more into details we are going to dive into the specifics about the Getting Ready Process for both, the bride and groom on the Wedding Day and everything we have to consider together to ensure that the wedding couple has the best experience while getting ready for such a milestone.

Getting ready is the first thing to do on your Wedding Day from breakfast followed by beauty services. This is where your Wedding Day starts and everything must be just perfect. The way for this to happen wonderfully is to allow professionals to get you ready considering the best products and techniques, everything organized with a few of our own recommendations. We want to remind you that things just don’t happen, they need to be planned.

Time is super important, so choosing a real pro for each category during the getting ready process will play a strategic role. Starting with the hair and makeup team being on time, the snacks in the room ready, the mimosas chilled, and every other detail you might be looking to include on point will create a unique experience. Anything that comes to your mind could be planned, this is why we are here for.

A destination getting ready requires a designated location, it could be the bridal suite, a beauty salon or a special space in the venue. The most common thing is to stay the whole weekend where the wedding will take place, rather if it’s at the hotel or at a Cabo Villa. What you need to think about when getting ready is selecting a big room with enough light and space to fit all the bride squad.

Some of our general recommendations for a destination getting ready process are:

About timing, always check with your wedding planner the details of your wedding timeline, they are aware of details you might not have in the top of your mind. About the place, the space is always the key, you need a spacious place well lit.

About details, like mimosas and breakfast should always be arranged together with the music you and your girlfriends enjoy, this helps to have a good time from the beginning and get into the Wedding Party mode. Another important thing, make sure to consider a hair and makeup trial a few days before the wedding, this will help you achieve your dream bridal look a lot easier saving you plenty of time on the Wedding Day and helping you be as relaxed as possible.

Getting ready goes further than just hair and makeup. Choosing the right team to help you get ready is a fundamental part for success. We will have everything set to receive your getting ready specialists to help you and your bridal party in the best possible way.

As your Wedding Planners we have our own ways of working with the best, our sister company Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care is a guaranteed full service with different options in treatments, facials, massages taking your experience to a whole new level… remember you need everything in your favor for your Big Day. If you want to know every detail about the best Getting Ready for your Wedding Day, make sure to take a look into Suzanne Morel’s august blog, you won’t regret it.

Getting Ready for your Cabo Wedding

So far we have discussed details about having enough time, the best place to get ready and working with the best specialists in the area but let’s not forget about something very important as well: his getting ready. Although most of the attention on any wedding goes to the brides, when it comes to the groom you need to make sure you are considering his experience to be just as special as yours in his own terms.

Perhaps there won’t be makeup artists or hairdressers involved, but there are some details that can make everything as special as the groom wants to have the best time. As men it doesn’t take too long to be ready but make sure to take your time and just enjoy the moment, get relaxed, have fun with your groomsmen; maybe some drinks for a small toast, a couple of cigars or finding a great spot for unique and original photos. It is your wedding day, make sure to sleep well and take care of yourself to be at your best and enjoy as much as possible.

After all this, together the bride and groom will find each other at the first look moment where all the getting ready magic unveils.

Getting ready is the only moment of the wedding day where the bride and groom are enjoying themselves separately, the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen. Two experiences completely different and customized according to what each of them wants, expects and needs to achieve the result they are looking for: looking at their best. Looking great and having a fabulous time getting ready for the moment you have always been dreaming off.

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