The Perfect Timeline

Everything you need to know about the planning process regarding the timing details to have a successful Beach Destination Wedding in Cabo.

As a wedding planning company with years of experience in Cabo, we know a trick or two about planning not only your Wedding Day but your whole Wedding Weekend. Such a process can take months and in some cases more than a year until the Big Day arrives. Setting a date, the venue selection, how many guests, and the customized part with traditions you might be looking forward to including, design and decor, and many more details that need to be considered but, as ready as everything might be in advance nothing will make sense on the Wedding Day/Weekend without a timeline to follow up.

A wedding timeline helps your wedding party members know when they need to be ready and where they need to be for the entire day. A timeline for your wedding day ensures your vendors to be at the correct place and time, the music to start and play the right song, the fireworks… Keep reading and find out more about how a timeline is crucial for you and your wedding planner to organize everything and make the best of your wedding weekend.

The Perfect Timeline

We all have an idea of what a timeline is, but why do you need one in a wedding?

Things need to happen and they need to happen at a specific time but they are not going to happen on their own. Sunlight for photos, drinks and appetizers ready for a specific moment of the celebration, a mariachi coming in or fireworks going up… specific actions that if they don’t happen at a specific moment, they won’t create the experience you were looking forward to from the very beginning. A timeline is a very useful resource for someone making sure that everyone knows what to do and when to do it: Your Wedding Planners.

The Perfect Timeline

Timeline isn’t only for helping you but the vendors and everyone involved in the celebration.

Being ready for the photos with good sunlight or in time for your main entrance into the ceremony or reception it’s important and that’s why you have your wedding planning team, to help you be ready at any moment you need it to. Just like it works for you, it happens the same with your vendors.

A timeline also includes different situations regarding vendors; deliveries, set up, preparation… for example, the catering. No one wants a drink with no ice during the cocktail time nor dinner served cold at the reception, maybe it wasn’t served cold at the moment but if by any reason your guests aren’t taking a seat when they should could be a trouble. Imagine having to serve 30, 50, 80 dishes and then by a simple delay having to reheat them again. No way Jose!

The Perfect Timeline

Keep everyone with an important role in your celebration on track all the time.

Parents of the bride and groom, grandparents, maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl… all of them are there for you, to help you and make it the best possible but keep in mind that they are also there to party and have fun so getting distracted is a possibility.

From being ready to the ceremony entrance, to knowing when the speech moment is happening and where they need to be can be tough… as your Wedding Planners we need to make sure that everyone is at the correct time and place for everything to go smoothly. Your timeline will help everyone to be in the right place at the right time so everything flows like it should do.

The Perfect Timeline

Thinking about a welcome party or a rehearsal dinner? We have you covered for the whole weekend. 

A destination wedding is always going to put the stakes higher. Why? Because it isn’t only the wedding day we need to be focused on but a whole wedding weekend. Of course that the Wedding Day will be as it should, a room nice breakfast perhaps, next the getting ready, first look, photos, ceremony, cocktail, reception and any other specific each wedding may have included but a Destination Wedding goes further than that.

From your arrival to the airport, transportation and special events before and after the wedding. From a welcome event the first day, a rehearsal dinner the night before or a thankyou breakfast the day after, all of these need to be planned and followed through just as everything that happens on the Big Day. At a Destination Wedding your timeline, more than covering your Wedding Day goes further to your Wedding Weekend if that’s the case. It all depends on your celebration plans and specifics.

The Perfect Timeline

Your Wedding Day will be exactly as you planned, a full satisfaction experience for you and everyone invited.

At Creative Destination Events we consider every wedding as a new journey. A unique and completely different experience put together to bring your inicial vision and idea to life. A detailed timeline is crucial for this to happen. Little details like having your couple shooting during the cocktail or before everything starts so you can spend time with your family and friends. When we plan a wedding our main objective is doing things in order to happen exactly when you want them too, from the getting ready in the morning until the last song is played. A timeline is crucial in order to achieve it.

As Destination Wedding Planners we are aware of the importance of timing, timing is the answer to success and as long as everything is happening when it should, we’ll be fine. From the bride and groom being ready for every stage of the celebration, the wedding party, vendors and even guests going from one stage of the celebration to the next one. It all depends on how well orchestrated is everything by your wedding planners, and at the same time it depends on your wedding timeline to be as customized as you need it to be and followed through like it needs to be to achieve our goal: The Best Wedding Day Ever.

Let us be part of such a special day in your life, give us a call for a complimentary consultation with one of our Planners, 619-819-9180 (U.S. & CANADA) and 624-105-1670 (MEXICO). We will help you make your mind about how your Destination Wedding in Cabo is in the best hands with Creative Destination Events.

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