Happy St. Valentines Year! - Celebrating Love in Cabo all Year Long!

Rules have changed a little bit in the last year, let’s make our own decisions about when and how to celebrate the love in our lives!

A new year has arrived and with it, 365 opportunities to celebrate and we already have our mind set on a specific one. A day that is all about L O V E, all about romanticism, first kisses, chocolate dipping snacks, daring to confess secret love for someone or outgrow the love you already have next to you. Well, it isn’t new that love is an important cog inside Creative Destination Events’ machinery, moving us along the planning of each event we have the opportunity to work and grow with, getting excited as the days pass getting closer and closer to the main event. This occasion we want to merge you a little into the romanticism all around us, the reason for our existence that fuels up our motors inspired by that romantic dreamer inside you making your dreams and vision come true.

While february the 14th is the official date to celebrate worldwide, as a Wedding and Event planning company we are involved in different love celebrations all year long. And we do not mean only couples related events. On one side we sure can find from proposals to weddings and anniversaries, but also birthday parties -for all ages! A getaway with your friends for the coolest weekend, a christening… and we can feel the love of each special occasion we get to work with, getting as excited as you every step of the way as if it was our own.

We want to invite you to experience love every day; from a special detail like breakfast in bed any given day or a romantic picnic in your backyard garden which are perfect scenarios to show how much you care and maintain the sparkle alive. Sometimes the opportunity of taking a detail like these to the next level shows up and we are here to help you grab it and make it your own. What if this year instead of breakfast in bed, you cook your own breakfast in Cabo, or even better: have a private Chef to do it for you two!

As cheesy as it could seem to get engaged or actually get married right on Valentine’s Day, eloping out of the blue just because it was such an exciting idea, having your closest friends for the perfect -and craziest- bachelorette weekend, a different kind of birthday with your family and friends… one way or another, love is all around these moments and we are so ready to get into them by helping you plan the best memory ever!

After many years of planning events in Cabo, we couldn’t help ourselves but falling in love more and more with this paradise. We can’t deny it, we fell in love with the Magic of Cabo years ago and that’s only another part of the love we want to share with you. The experience of surrender to such an incredible place and the warmth it makes us feel in our hearts -as well as in yours eventually- when celebrating. Let’s make something extraordinary from little and big -but in the end important- moments in your life, after all that’s what we love doing!

Life is crazy, -a bit more than usual lately-  and it keeps surprising us every day. We want to be part of that set of surprises getting you out of your routine. This doesn’t mean traveling to Cabo once every two weeks but getting excited by the idea of doing it just once -or twice-a year as a romantic escapade with that special person in your life, the planning process, keeping the secret to make it a surprise for them, being in contact with your planner; let us get a little into detail:

Here you are at the beginning of 2021 asking yourself what this year will bring, how to make it special, trying to think out of the box and hopping only the best for you and the ones you love. Different ideas start coming and going, you start getting further and further and all of the sudden: “What about a destination experience? Perhaps a trip to Cabo for two? Why not?” A place that offers you all the privacy, and possible commodities to have the safest experience in a paradise with beautiful beaches, resorts, villas, -or whatever your style might be. There is something special awaiting for you to come and simply enjoy.

‘Till this point everything is great, both of you are on board the idea and making decisions together for the perfect romantic weekend, but… can it get any better? Yes it can!

Happy St. Valentines Year! - Celebrating Love in Cabo all Year Long!

A romantic surprise for two including a private Chef dinner, some music, a styled tablescape, flowers and lighting. Perhaps a couple reservations in different spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will give you the whole Cabo experience to share -beautiful ocean views, landscapes and the best chefs in all Baja. If you feel like going further into the romance, sharing a deluxe spa experience with couple massages… simply the cherry on top of the pie!

A super special Valentine’s day -or shall we say Valentine’s year-, celebrating in march, april, june for your anniversary, her birthday… and again two months later just for the fun of it and the love for each other. It doesn’t matter the “excuse” behind, as long as love is behind everything, the magic of Cabo -and of course the touch of Creative Destination Events– will do its part and make your experience super romantic and special no matter when you decide to do it.

We know for a fact that there are some couples floating around their engagement; feeling thrilled about the compromise they just made but uncertain about when it will finally consume. Times are weird but we are already ahead of it with the best possible attitude so, we will tell you these two things; one, be patient, it isn’t a race, enjoy every moment of it -after all most things aren’t in our hands to control- and two, you now have one more “excuse” inaugurating the celebration of your “Engagement Anniversary” and doing something special about it.

We are just kidding… or not? What we are trying to tell you is to relax and make the best out of everything that comes in your way. The moment to walk down the aisle will come and it will be as incredible as you are picturing it in your head,-obviously under the planning of Creative Destination Events– meanwhile have fun sharing love with your significant other and getting to celebrate your first year of engagement- that if you don’t decide to elope before!

Today more than ever, it is precise to maintain the fire of love alive, the surprise, the unexpected; we need to reinvent ourselves, think outside the box and find ways to make something special about important moments in your life. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to do this so don’t hesitate and get in contact with us today, from the U.S. or Canada at (619) 819-9180 or in México at (624) 105-1670. We really hope to see you around next month -or anytime of the year- celebrating your love in a unique and special way with a customized romantic experience surrounded by the magic of Los Cabos and all the dedication from Creative Destination Events.

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