Planning Your Birthday in Cabo

Birthdays are a big deal, at least for us. What about you? Maybe you are the type of person who likes to do something simple just to not let the special date pass, a couple guests, a small dinner party and that’s it. Perhaps you like going a bit further with a memorable party always improving last year’s celebration.  Whichever you relate too, at the end of the day what matters is the will of celebrating and doing it in a special way. Whatever your inspiration is, here we are all the way from Cabo San Lucas inviting you to your next birthday in Cabo -as incredible as it might sound.

Planning Your Birthday in Cabo
Planning Your Birthday in Cabo

Celebrating is a basic human need, -as simple as jumping and dancing around a bonfire many years ago- the difference now is we do it to the rhythm of some music and may be, with an ocean view. Every time we look forward to celebrating something, we are looking forward to enjoying ourselves and the ones we love, entertained in a different way other than we usually do.

Planning Your Birthday in Cabo

As your Event Planning Company in Cabo, we are fully committed to helping you find a celebration out of the ordinary, mixing that special moment in your life and style with our experience to create an event out of this world!

The question that might be going through your mind: “Why do I need an event planner?” Because you are meant to enjoy and have an unforgettable time without one single worry during your celebration day… or should we say weekend? We just want you to have the time of your life without a single worry.

Celebrating in Cabo is already special just by the place itself. In between the world wide known landmarks and its beautiful weather all year long, it is like celebrating in paradise. Even when we are still adjusting to some things, there is no need to deprive ourselves from what we enjoy- like having a super special birthday! It doesn’t matter where you are staying or the venue you select for your event, we are ready to adapt and plan an incredible dinner party as a synonym of an unforgettable evening.

Visualize it from scratch: the terrace of your venue, the amazing views, the greenery in the place, beautiful architecture, and when you thought it was already perfect you found Creative Destination Events and discovered that it was only the beginning of the experience.

What moves us every day is the opportunity of making your experience so special you will never want to leave. A weekend full of surprises, starting with a welcome that will make you and your guests feel like home, some food already prepared upon your arrival so you have zero stress and still have a housewarming experience.

A couple days go by having a great time, the day of the celebration arrives and you receive a visit; it’s us ready to start setting up and preparing everything for the big event and the only thing you have to do is keep relaxing. Food, tables, decorations, music, everything starts getting in place. You go upstairs, start getting ready to come down later to a fully setup event.

The night progresses with amazing drinks at the designated bar area, appetizers coming all night long to end with a delicious dinner, music to dance around the pool and then… the happy birthday moment with a designer cake done specially for you, some cold sparklers to make it as amazing as it should be and some entertainment with acrobats and fire dancers that will blow your mind away! (And remember, all of this possible in the comfort of your venue).

When it comes to places to know, we can make reservations according to your vacation week(end) mood, and special accommodations in the place. A designated area just for you, some music and styling like a preferred tablescape, signage or nametags customizing your experience.

Getting ahead of what you would like to have for dinner for the best possible service and even a balloon structure and a designer cake; all according to who is celebrating and what you are looking for.

Think of what we are saying here as a way of celebrating in a private and intimate way -either if it’s at your venue or at a specific restaurant- and celebrate in any way you want.

When you get the chance of celebrating in a private venue, the chances are almost unlimited. Let’s go and think outside the box, let’s have name tags and signage to make it more sophisticated or even not only thinking about having a designated bar area but a bartender ready to prepare anything you ask him to, a cigar rolling experience… you decide how far you want to go.

If you remember october’s blog you know that you can have acrobats, cold sparklers, fire dancers, popcorn machines…

anything you need to create a full experience and even give a theme to your celebration. Thinking about the memories, -because let’s admit it, we all have that in mind- how would a balloon structure fit into your experience? A photo backdrop to freeze your birthday as many times as you want and get that special memory to share with everyone! Customized with your name, a big number or any special message you think it might be cool, after all it is your birthday. (Discover everything about Balloon Styling in Cabo Linen’s Things & More blog.)

Come and have fun being welcomed by a Mariachi, come and enjoy unique treats for your palate, and just wait for the next surprise to arrive and do nothing else. As your Cabo Event Planners that’s our main message for you, no matter what the occasion might be just come and enjoy the beach out of it! Don’t worry if the caterer didn’t arrive on time, if the DJ didn’t include everything they promised.

Let’s put all our energy in ideas like having a designer cake in the form of a guitar because the birthday boy is a musician and not only a regular cookie cut one.

Leave everything in our hands, every concern, every laughter you need to have, every moment you want to enjoy from your trip to Cabo from the very beginning until the very end. Let us do our magic and take you into the best Cabo Birthday Experience you could ever imagine customizing every second of it.

From a corporate event to a rehearsal dinner, your kid’s birthday party or your husband’s milestone 50th celebration. Let us get to know you, your personality, your style and we will make something truly special out of it. Whether it’s the event itself or your whole weekend we are ready to get our hands on it and celebrate the happiest of birthdays with you. Check our social media, our pinterest boards, get inspired and get in contact with us today, from the U.S. or Canada at (619) 819-9180 or in México at (624) 105-1670, you will not regret it!

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