If you are recently engaged and are looking to have a destination wedding, congratulations! Hiring a wedding planner is now the next step.

Planning a destination wedding comes with a few extra challenges than planning a wedding at home. You must consider there are time differences and language barriers so you got to find a reliable local wedding planner that will be your person of trust in the destination. Choosing a planner that not only you like and is compatible with you and your fiancés is utterly important. After all, your planner is someone you will work closely with for quite some time, and it will be the person responsible to fulfill your wedding expectations. But how can you choose the right fit for you as a couple?

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hiring the one that is the right fit for you goes beyond liking your wedding planner. Here are some key points to consider and look for, and questions you can ask before hiring one that will help give you a better idea of who they are and their level of service. In a nutshell, these points will help you understand better what to expect from their service.

Many companies have a strong and defined signature style when it comes to styling a wedding, and this is easy to notice in their previous work pictures and advertisement. You must define if you are looking for a company that completely owns the project and delivers their signature style without you having to give any input, or if you want someone more versatile that can create a wide range of styles and collaborate with you on the design process according to your vision as a couple and create a completely customized project.

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

You and your planner must be on the same page when it comes to your design expectations to have a frustration-free process. Ask them how they work and define if you are open to collaborating or expect to be hands-off in the design process.

Budget is, of course, a basic topic to discuss, and it is very important to be on the same page with your planner when it comes to vision VS budget.

As we mentioned before, finding the right fit is more than clicking together, you also must know if their fees fit your budget. Ask what their cost is for the number of guests you are planning to have and ask to see an example of a product made with the number you expect to pay to see real results and costs, what is possible and what is not. If a planner says they can work with any budget that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will create an experience that meets your anticipations. Set clear your vision and expectations for your wedding production so you can get real costs of what you want, see what is possible and what is not according to your numbers and avoid frustration over costs during the process.

Wedding planning is a big job and responsibility, there are many details behind the scenes that a planner takes care of. Your wedding planner will not only sort out all issues, but also foresee and prevent them so, when budgeting, consider the wedding planning fees are not deductible from the overall proposal and are strictly for the wedding planning service itself and are separate from food, music, lighting, and any other aspect that a wedding need. As an example, our planning fees for a wedding of 100+ people are around $8,000 USD, so don’t forget to ask your wedding planning prospect their fee and add it up.

There would be a lot of things to review, feedback, and payments. Ask how details would be presented and what the communication would be like. Would they email mood boards, send visuals, or follow up through the phone or email? Make sure to let them know what communication type you would like best.

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Ask if they will be handling everything aspect of the wedding through your wedding planner, or if you would have to contact and pay directly to vendors, so you can make sure everything will be handled, how and what to expect as far as work from you.

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Make sure you ask what events to coordinate are included in the planning fee, especially if you are thinking to have an additional event before the wedding.

Wedding planning is a big and important job. At Creative Destination Events, we are a full-service planning company that manages all the wedding logistics to turn your vision into reality.

We handle rentals, we coordinate delivery, arrival, and set-up times with the photographer, the musicians, and the caterer, so you don’t have to worry about it at all on the wedding day. With us, you won’t have to communicate back and forth with 10 different people, as our planners will englobe every aspect, making wedding planning simple for you. We are a versatile planning and design company that adapts to your style and personality so, our design style is your style. Whether you are looking to closely collaborate or leave everything to us, we make sure we create one-of-a-kind experiences inspired by your vision and style, so you can expect us to create a completely customized fete. We like to be clear and honest, so we will let you know from the start of the planning process what to expect with your budget range.

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

We know it can be hard to picture things planning from distance, so we like to be very visual with our design process. We present all the styling through mood boards and digital design visuals, so you can picture exactly how everything will look. We will communicate through email and set up phone calls or zoom meetings according to your preference to touch base during the process and make sure we are always on the same page on both ends. We have a full powerhouse of expert assistant coordinators, designers, engineers, and set-up staff for perfect logistics, so you can make sure no detail is left untouched and rest assured that everything will be handled. All of this is what sets us apart from other planning companies!

Keypoints To Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

We hope this info comes in handy in your process! Planning a wedding is a big step to take and should be a happy stress-free endeavor for you both to enjoy.

Are you ready to start planning with us the experience of a lifetime? Contact us for a free consultation!

Creative Destination Events
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