Summer Love – Planning an Intimate Summertime Destination Wedding in Cabo San Lucas


There are a lot of factors that go into planning a wedding, including some you’ve probably never even considered…even if you’ve been dreaming about the big day all your life. The time of year, for example, makes a significant difference; not only in terms of the things you might expect, like climate, but also in areas as diverse and vital as venues, timelines, catering, bridal hair and makeup, and the like.

This is why, by the way, that finding the right wedding planner is so important. Couples absolutely need a trusted ally with an exhaustive knowledge of their chosen location (in this case, a wedding in Cabo San Lucas), as well as a wealth of experience in dealing with its unique challenges and conditions.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on what to avoid and what to take advantage of for a summertime wedding in Cabo, courtesy of the Land’s End region’s premier wedding planners at Creative Destination Events.


Planning the Perfect Summertime Destination Wedding in Cabo

Summer weddings aren’t rare. In fact, it’s the most common time to have them, with June leading the way as the most popular month. Why June? No, it has nothing to do with flowers. Traditionally, summer months like June are when brides and grooms have had the easiest time getting extended leave periods away from work. It’s also a convenient time for children you’d like to attend (and possibly participate) in your destination nuptials, since they are typically on break from school.

Summer is also known, of course, for warm and beautiful weather. That’s certainly the case in Los Cabos–the region home to cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo–although to be fair much the same could be said for spring, fall and winter. This is a place, after all, where the sun shines some 350 days a year on average.

It does bear mentioning, however, that from July through September, average daily temperatures in Los Cabos top 90 degrees Fahrenheit. So although you can still have that barefoot beachfront ceremony you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding it Cabo, ideally you should avoid planning it during the hottest parts of the day (noon to four p.m.).

Rather, since the sun doesn’t set until close to 8 p.m. during the summer, schedule your ceremony during the hours immediately preceding sunset. Not only will you and your guests appreciate the cooler temperatures, your photographers will appreciate the ideal lighting conditions (hint: the hours just after sunrise and before sunset offer the best lighting for professional photos and videos). This timing also facilitates a seamless transition to the reception, with dinner and dancing extending well into the evening.

Venues & Vendors

Step one, if you’ll recall, was hiring a trusted wedding planner for your “wedding in Cabo”. Steps two and three are reserving the venue (or venues if you’d prefer separate locations for your ceremony and reception), and locking in your vendors.

These are important details for weddings scheduled any time of year, however since summer is the busiest season for weddings, this is something that prospective brides and grooms will want to pay particular attention to and accomplish well in advance of their chosen date. At least a year in advance for the venue.

Los Cabos boasts a wealth of spectacular venues–from beaches and outdoor sites to resort ballrooms and luxurious rental villas–so a trip to scout potential locations is highly recommended. Your wedding planner can help you schedule site visits and choose which works best in terms of your specific wants and needs.

Vendors too must be prioritized. When we say vendors, of course, what we’re referring to are service providers like caterers, officiants, musicians, photographers and videographers, hair and makeup stylists, and the like.

Creative Destination Events has extensive experience working with all the best local vendors, and can offer advice on who to hire. But you need to reserve your choices early, because if you don’t, someone else will. Competition is fierce for the summer wedding season.


Lighting, Fashion, Hair & Makeup

The bride will not only want to look her absolute best and on this biggest of days, she’ll want to photograph that way as well. As will the rest of the wedding party

That means dress, hair and makeup that take local climate and conditions into account, as well as the timeline and flow of the wedding. If you’re starting with an outdoor ceremony, then transitioning to an indoor reception, understand this is going to present specific challenges in terms of taking advantage of the disparate lighting conditions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have exactly what you want for the wedding of your dreams, just understand that there are a lot of factors that have to be considered; from where you’re at–on the beach, on a breezy cliffside terrace, in the desert–to the time of day. Summer heat and humidity also have to be taken into account.

As we discussed with vendors, your wedding planner can recommend the best local hair and makeup stylists; and the accompanying photos showcase some of the “in” fashions for weddings this summer.


Additional Considerations

We’ve highlighted a few of the seasonal variations that should be considered for a summertime Cabo wedding, but there are others that will inevitably arise according to each unique circumstance. For a detailed assessment of what you can expect for your destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, we recommend a consultation with one of our experienced wedding planners at Creative Destination Events.

Why Creative Destination Events?

CDE is the premier full-service planning and production company in Cabo San Lucas, and there’s nothing our talented team likes more than working with couples to plan and execute their dream wedding in Cabo. Our process at CDE starts with a one-on-one conversation in which your dedicated planner will tease out your vision for the perfect wedding. From there, we’ll start the transition from vision to reality by means of timelines, digital renderings and three-dimensional floorplans, before finally helping you pull off the biggest moment of your life with smooth precision and seamless production. Call us today at (619) 819-9180 for an initial consultation.

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