Certainly, Bridal Hair and Makeup are at the top of a bride’s priority services list. You want to look your best in your gorgeous attire, and there will be many pictures, so, yes! Vital services, indeed. A reliable hair and makeup pro may be easy to find where you live, as they have been tried and true several times, but if your wedding is away from home, what should you do?

You may feel tempted to fly in your go-to beauty person to your destination wedding. Still, we are going to tell you why we recommend hiring a local hair and makeup team at your wedding destination:

Some brides choose to bring their stylist or makeup artist from home. Hey! We understand you want to avoid the stress of working with someone new on such an important day. All you want is peace of mind, but when you decide to do so, don’t forget you must provide accommodations and transportation. Also, keep in mind that, unless you have an elopement, more likely, that is a job for more than one stylist. Besides the bride, there is the wedding party and immediate family that need hair and makeup done, as they will be part of the professional photographs too. Such a big job demands an entire team of beauty pros that can work with several people simultaneously with flawless coordination to avoid delays and unnecessary waiting time.

One of the issues we have found when a bride brings her beauty team from home is they have them stay at different property than the bride to save on cost. But this only demands arranging transportation on the wedding day from their staying location to the wedding venue. All of this ends up being at your expense. Paying for flights and accommodations for an entire team can be expensive, right? So it is paying for additional transportation that is not essential, even for only one or two people. These costs, in the end, will sacrifice a chunk of valuable wedding budget.

Punctual hair & makeup schedule coordination is key to making the whole wedding day experience successful. If these services are not complete on time, oh no! It’s a downward spiral; everything else will be done in a rush. We all know lateness can be seriously stressful, especially on your wedding day. The getting ready process should be more of a fun and pampering session rather than a nerve-wracking experience. If there are schedule delays, your planner may have to adjust the time to things you and your fiancé want because time no longer allows it. Let’s not forget there are important moments before the wedding ceremony, such as the first look, family portraits, and wedding party photos. These instants are perfect and crucial to make the most of your wedding day. It would be awful to live such special moments in a hurry because of belated hair and makeup. Better book the local pros that can send as many stylists as you need for a perfect schedule.


Let’s not overlook hotels and other wedding venues’ policies and restrictions. Things may not be as easy as letting the front desk know someone will come into your room. Some places even have vendor fees for letting external vendors work on their premises. If you hire a local pro, you do not have to worry about that on the wedding day. They will most likely know where they can come to work or not or if there is a vendor fee to cover. A local team will also learn how to access the property and, more likely, because of their experience working locally, be on time for the appointment.

When you hire a local team, they will ensure to address all of these points during the planning process. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a text from your stylist asking you how to get into the venue, who their contact is for access, or even worse, having your hotel notify you that there is an additional fee to pay for the stylist to access your room.

If budget isn’t the deciding factor for you and you are determined to bring your beauty squad, make sure that the artist has professional products catering to your wedding destination climate. We all know weather conditions can have a big impact on your hair texture and hold, same as hot or humid conditions can make it hard to carry a full face of makeup. A local team has a much better idea of the climate conditions you will be dealing with, depending on the season and location of your wedding.

Is it a season with high humidity? Will the wedding take place in a very high and windy area? Local pros know every aspect to consider and bring a variety of carefully picked products that will lock your look till the end of the night, whether it is humid, dry, hot, or rainy.


Bridal styling is another whole category among styling, and it’s not your regular salon appointment. Having an experienced team of stylists and hair and makeup artists specializing in weddings is absolutely a plus. A team that works strictly in this category knows what is appropriate for the occasion and suggests what is feasible or not, according to the current weather condition and wedding location. They know everything to consider on a wedding day, what looks good in pictures, and every Dos and Don’ts. We constantly encourage our brides-to-be to do a Hair & Makeup trial before the wedding to get familiar with your stylist and vice-versa.

In Creative Destination Events, we always recommend hiring a local bridal beauty team to avoid the stress of dealing with any of the above issues. Our sister company, Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care, is our team of trust in bridal beauty. They have been specializing in Wedding Hair and Makeup since 2003, providing quality beauty services for brides in the area of Los Cabos.

Let our expert wedding planners put you in the hands of the best local wedding Hair and Makeup team that will do a fantastic job, hassle-free.

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