Without any doubt, every single moment of your wedding day is of high importance, but candidly, the ceremony is one of the most special and charming moments of the day, perhaps the most important. That magical moment when you vow eternal love to your sweetheart in front of your dearest people is when the magic starts and when the celebration begins.

The highly anticipated moment of the I do´s is what you are celebrating together on that special day, after all, so the ceremony styling deserves special attention when it comes to styling. Think the ceremony pictures will be one of the most emotional, meaningful, and classic shots from your wedding pictures, so you want the scenario to be as beautiful as it can be. This is your chance to get creative to produce with your designing team a beautiful and special space and ambiance that will wow your guests! 

While there is no denying Los Cabos landscape is just stunning by itself, a little extra help from additional custom-installed elements, such as flowers, draping, flooring, and lanterns, can make wonders for your outdoor ceremony and give that ceremonious vibe and ambiance. 

Here are just some of our beautifully styled outdoor wedding ceremonies for your very own outdoor ceremony inspiration.

A trend you have probably seen all over your feed is Pampas Grass. While this trend has been popular for a couple of years now, it doesn’t seem to get old because its popularity is still on the rise. While we perhaps associate it with a boho theme, the truth is that with their soft, wheat tone, dried pampas can be a very versatile element that goes well with any look, from boho to tropical, seaside, romantic, minimalistic, or black tie.

They add soft and wispy texture anywhere they are placed, from bouquets, altars, centerpieces, tall arrangements, chandeliers, or backdrops. They are just perfect for an outdoor ceremony in Cabo. We love Pampas Grass!

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While Los Cabos is mostly desertic, we are indeed a subtropical region where lush greens can grow easily too. Therefore, a tropical look with vibrant greens and pops of bright blooms goes perfectly with the stunning ocean views and warm weather.

A white wedding just never gets old! Pure, elegant, and timeless. Whether your event is black tie or beach casual, the white theme is as classic as it can be!

A classic black-tie wedding in Esperanza with a modern twist. Clear Acrylic Arch with a mix of white hydrangeas, phalaenopsis orchids, and cascading wisteria, complemented with clear pedestals and tall arrangements, and a mirrored aisle.

With the amazing ocean views in Los Cabos, is easy to understand why some brides prefer to complement the view with a low, ground-level altar.

Did we say we mentioned we love aisle markers? with this kind of arbor, aisle arrangements are a great addition.

These are just some of our featured wedding ceremony pictures, we have so much variety we will probably have to make another roundup!

Our Design Team will help you create the ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. No matter what is your style, ideas, or color palette, our creative team is super flexible and always focused on making sure the style is a hundred percent you. Contact us and let us design your dream wedding!

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