Event Venue Spotlight – Spectacular Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

Choosing a venue is an important element of planning for any destination event, and it is typically one of the first things that has to be accomplished once clients have hired an event planner, since in-demand venues often need to be locked in as much as a year or more in advance.

But how to choose the venue? In Los Cabos, there are basically three classes of venues: outdoor locales of great natural beauty that serve as sites for wedding ceremonies, and in terms of facilities aren’t really venues at all; and the resort and rental properties that can easily handle ceremonies and receptions (as well as a wide variety of other special events) thanks to both their size and their exceptional profile of services and amenities.

Villas technically fall under the category of rental properties, but it’s hard to class them there, or to compare them to any other venue options, since villas in Los Cabos are essentially in a class all by themselves.

We’re talking about properties whose broad terraces offer sweeping views of either the Sea of Cortés or Pacific Ocean, whose expansive infinity pools seem to melt into the surrounding blue, whose gardens offer perfumed flowers and enchanting fountains, and whose elegant interiors are constantly revealing new treasures, from restaurant-sized kitchens to home theaters, fitness centers and wine cellars.

There really is nothing else like luxury villas.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about villas in Los Cabos; and perhaps more importantly, how to find exactly the right one to host your destination event.

Spectacular Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

The Importance of an Event Planner in Choosing a Venue for Your Destination Event

One thinks of planners for weddings, but a trusted and knowledgeable ally is a must for any destination event.

Los Cabos offers unforgettable experiences in a gorgeous sun-kissed paradise. That’s the appeal for you and your guests. But understand that if you’re planning an event far from where you live, you’re not going to be as well versed about venues and other planning details as local experts.

Los Cabos based event planners like Creative Destination Events will speak with you in great detail about your dream vision for a destination event–be it wedding, dinner party, birthday party, or the like–and based on the type of experience you envision, make informed recommendations on potential villas or other venues, and even arrange guided site visits.

And that’s just the beginning. A good planner walks you through every step of the destination event planning process, making what could be daunting quite easy and enjoyable.

Spectacular Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

How & Why to Choose Villas in Los Cabos

Villas are attractive for several reasons…beyond the obvious ones of beauty and luxury.

For starters, they offer a level of privacy that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Many villas are gated, of course, or are located in gated communities. But beyond the privacy and security of the villa itself, you have absolute control over everyone who is at your event, and the absolute assurance that what happens at your event remains totally private. That’s just not the case when you opt for a resort based venue.

Villas also offer a degree of freedom you can’t find at other local venues. Resorts have rules. If you want to hold a reception dinner at a resort based restaurant, for instance, you have to use their chef and their staff. At villas you make your own rules. If you want to fly in your own private chef, or hire a local chef with a background in a particular type of cuisine, you can do so.

We use chefs as an example, but the wonderful thing about villas is that everything can be customized. Because of this, you have control over every aspect of your event, from arranging airport transportation for your guests to creating special menus to hiring vendors, and so on.

No one is going to tell you that you can’t do something, which when you think about it is really the greatest luxury of all.

Villas are an excellent choice for smaller, more intimate events. You and your guests essentially have an entire boutique property to yourselves, and thus can pick and choose the right spaces that work best for your specific event size and needs. You’re not limited, in other words, to ballrooms, banquet halls and restaurants.

But villas can also handle larger events. Most villas in Los Cabos have ample space for 100 guests or more, and a select few can accommodate up to 200.

Spectacular Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

The Variety of Villas in Los Cabos

The most notable neighborhood for villas in Los Cabos is Cabo San Lucas’ gated enclave of Pedregal. Here, clustered high on hills and carved into sheer cliffs, are dozens of the most magnificent luxury properties in the world; some the exclusive province of A-list actors and superstar athletes, others available as venues for destination events.

Pedregal properties are always in high demand, but that’s hardly the only place one can find amazing villas. Indeed, there are villas in every corner of Los Cabos; in cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, as well as all along the 20-mile tourist corridor that connects them.

They can even be found on the Los Cabos municipality’s less developed East Cape.

So there’s a tremendous variety available, not only within the various villas themselves (with their unique architectural design and spatial dimensions), but also relative to their unique landscapes. Some villas are set mere steps from pristine golden sand beaches, others offer lush gardens or majestic views from high above their surrounding areas.

Not every villa will be perfect for a client’s vision of a dream wedding or other special event, of course, but only one really has to be…and your dedicated event planners at Creative Destination Events will help you find it.

Spectacular Luxury Villas in Los Cabos

About Creative Destination Events

CDE is the premier full-service event planning and production company in Cabo San Lucas, and there’s nothing our talented team likes more than working with clients to plan destination events at luxury villas in Los Cabos. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (619)-819-9180 for an initial consultation, or in México at (624) 105-1670.

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