The Most Romantic Place on Earth – Planning a Proposal for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas is what happens when you pair one of the most beautiful places on earth with a day dedicated to love.

It’s a perfect storm of romance. Storm in the metaphorical sense since February in Cabo San Lucas is like every other month: absolutely gorgeous, with beaches that stretch for miles and breathtaking views of both the Sea of Cortés and Pacific Ocean.

It’s a perfect opportunity, in other words, for an unforgettable proposal.

But of course unforgettable can be good or bad, depending on the answer you receive when you pop that all-important-question.

That’s why planning matters. Even the combination of the most romantic time and place imaginable may not be enough to ensure your future happiness.

It helps. It certainly helps. But this is a situation where you want everything “just so”. Every aspect needs to be exactly right. Not just the time and the place, but the mood, the music, the sequence of events, the element of surprise, and myriad other details.

So how do you as the proposer make that happen?

Funny you should ask. We just happen to have three tips for making this Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas your last single day.


Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Choose Your Proposal Setting with Care

Choosing Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas for your proposal was step one, but what comes next? You’ve found the right time and the right geographical location, a sun-kissed paradise on the southernmost rim of the Baja California peninsula. Now what?

As with the wedding you’ll one day be planning, the first step is finding a venue. But whereas your wedding venue may be a ballroom or banquet hall, your proposal venue is much more likely to be an outdoor locale.

Why? Two reasons. One is privacy, the other is control.

The reason you choose a place like a banquet hall for a reception is to accommodate friends and family. This moment is just for the two of you. It should be private and intimate.

As to control, we don’t mean over your significant over. We mean over the situation. You don’t want strange tourists screaming or giggling when you’re about to pop the question because they’re oblivious to what’s going on.

That’s why you don’t plan a proposal in a public place. At least you don’t if you’re smart. The reason some men propose at sporting events is because they’re nervous and they want the illusion of support, thinking (often wrongly) that the presence of a crowd will put pressure on their girlfriend to say yes.

That’s now how you want her to feel, meaning pressured. But you do want her predisposed to your case. So you should set your proposal in a location whose beauty and majesty is equal to the moment. A good example would be Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas, a stunning beautiful beach only reachable by boat, and thus mostly private with many secluded areas during the morning hours when it photographs best (more on this below).


Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas
Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Pay Attention to the Details

We mentioned the “details” earlier and how important they are. Well, it’s true.

Think of your proposal like a test, because in reality that’s exactly what it is. It’s your opportunity to prove your fitness as a mate, as a life partner. If you can’t do this right, how can she (or he) expect you to take care of all the other important things that will come later during your life together?

You want to pass this test with flying colors, because unlike the tests you may take, this one doesn’t come with any do-overs. You have to get it right the first time.

You knocked it out of the proverbial park picking your proposal time and place. Now you have to ensure everything else is perfect. Most importantly, that means preserving the element of surprise, and preserving the moment for posterity.

Obviously, the fact that the two of you are spending “Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas” may be a tip-off, a hint that a proposal is in the works. But think of this from her perspective. This is a moment she has been dreaming about all of her life. It’s a moment that should be packed with emotion, with drama and with passion.

You ensure the power of the moment by preserving the element of surprise. Even if she knows a proposal might happen during this vacation, she should never know when. Don’t give it away before the time is exactly right.

Once the deal has been sealed, so to speak, you’ll need to have a photographer (and possibly a videographer) in place to preserve the moment for posterity. In fact, if you’ve really taken care of the details, this will be happening even before your significant other suspects that a proposal is imminent.

Like the wedding photos to follow, this is a documentation of one of the pivotal moments of your life together.

It’s important. Don’t screw it up.


Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas
Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

Choose the Right Ally

There are so many details to attend to and they often have to be taken care of in advance, in a country where you don’t live, and sometimes–particularly with vendors–in a language you don’t speak.

Sound daunting? It’s not. Not really. You just have to find the right ally. Just as there are wedding planners who will walk couples through every step of the process, so too are there proposal planners who fill a similar role, acting as both campaigners and strategists.

Your proposal planner will help you find the perfect setting, be it a secluded beach, a five-star resort, or the terrace of a cliffside luxury villa. Your planner will help you build a timeline so that everything unfolds perfectly, at the perfect pace. Your planner will help you find the right vendors and the right grace notes, whether its mariachis singing Spanish love ballads or a fireworks display set off solely for the two of you.

No, what’s really daunting is getting down on one knee, opening a jewelry box with an engagement ring inside, and asking your true love to marry you. That’s daunting. It’s also really exciting and will change your life forever, which is what we wish for everyone on Valentine’s Day, in Cabo San Lucas and elsewhere. Love and happiness.

Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas
Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas

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