Why Choose Creative Destination Events? Our Clients Make the Case for Us as the Premier Cabo Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner isn’t easy, even if you and your affianced want nothing more grandiose than an intimate ceremony and reception at your favorite hometown venue. When your goal is a destination wedding in some far-flung tropical locale like Cabo San Lucas, the choice obviously becomes even more difficult. How do you find someone you can trust to translate your dream vision into a destination reality? What are the different methods you can use to compare and contrast wedding planners, particularly when they are so far from home and your comfort zone?

We could be prejudiced on this matter. We are, after all, one of the premier full-service event planning and production companies in Los Cabos. But in our experience, one of the best ways of vetting a wedding planner, and specifically a Cabo wedding planner, is to see what their previous clients have to say.

We believe testimonials are the purest form of advertisement and referral. Why? For starters, no one who has had a bad experience is going to vouch for a wedding planner under any circumstances. Why would they? Even those who had a so-so experience aren’t going to go out of their way to say anything nice. The only people who are going to take the time to give a wedding planner a rave review are the people that were honestly blown away by the quality of their service. And so when prospective clients are presented with a long track record of glowing testimonials, that factor should be weighted heavily in the decision making process.

At Creative Destination Events, we’re proud of what our former clients have to say about our services, as we think it speaks volumes about who we are as a company.


“Worth every penny! The first thing we did when we decided to wed in Cabo Was hire Creative Destination Events. Melissa (Event Planner Melissa Buelna) and her team were with us every step of the way for an entire year helping us. Melissa was always quick to respond with an answer to every question. She would even return emails late at night or on the weekend. We would never have been able to pull off our wedding with such EASE had we not hired them! It allowed us to step back and enjoy the process while they came up with all of their creative ideas and proposals.” – Whitney & Kyle Walker

This wonderful testimonial speaks to a couple of things that are very important to us, and that we always make a point of emphasizing: a) the wedding planning process shouldn’t be stressful for couples, but rather fun; and b) one of the ways to ensure the process remains stress-free is to be exceeding prompt in responding to questions and concerns.


Couples should never have to wonder whether details are being handled, or handled in a timely manner, by their planner. At CDE, we work closely with couples to turn their dream vision into a fairy tale reality. A designated planner stays in constant contact, apprising the soon-to-be bride and groom of what’s being done on their behalf, and affirming that each step is in accordance with their wishes.

“Melissa’s craft and attention to detail made our proposal day absolutely perfect. My fiancé says it was more than she could have ever dreamt of. She definitely brought out my vision and went far above and beyond what I expected…The team she was able to build around this special moment were all such a pleasure to work with. Her local network or professional decorators, photographers, and videographers were all so passionate about their work.” – David Tulabut

Proposals and engagement parties are every bit as important as the wedding itself, and oft times every bit as involved in terms of planning. Each, for instance, typically requires a network of vendors, from designers and entertainers who set a scene, to photographers and videographers who document it. At CDE, we have an exhaustive knowledge of local venues, and years of experience working with the best local vendors. Your designated Cabo wedding planner will help you reserve both venue and vendors, locking them in well ahead of time, and ensuring the latter work together seamlessly.

Design Concept

“Julia and I still can’t believe how amazing everything was…While both Julia and I have a strong personal sense of style, we didn’t really know where to begin when it came to taking that style and applying it to a wedding. I feel as though you guys went above and beyond to help turn our concepts into a reality.” – Jeremy & Julia

Our very talented Design Concept team works hand in hand with your designated Cabo wedding planner to help develop a strong visual aesthetic, one based on your initial fairy tale vision of the perfect wedding, but expanded during the course of the process into a fully-realized design and décor scheme. From three dimensional models and digital design renderings to day-of-the-big-event alterations or adjustments, our goal is to interweave a variety of eye-catching elements to achieve a harmonious and visually breathtaking whole.

“Suzanne and Jennifer (Owner Suzanne Morel and Jennifer Jiménez) did an incredible job bringing my vision to life. They held my hand through the entire process and were extremely easy to communicate with. We were able to visit the show room on a few occasions to check in with the progress and we were so thankful for that. When pricing was presented, they were always able to show me a couple options and suggestions to make sure we stayed on budget.” – Caitlin & Zach

As part of the design process, your “Cabo wedding planner” will invite you to our showroom to see first-hand some of the myriad options available in terms of things like linens, furnishings, silverware, signage and other decorative accents. You can choose for yourself what works best–based on criteria that vary from budget to aesthetics–and your design team will then integrate your chosen elements into the overall design scheme.


“As a former event planner, my expectations were VERY high. The team at Creative Destination Events exceeded my expectations at every turn. Melissa was amazing to work with, she is incredibly detailed oriented and cool under pressure. The team helped me in not just planning my wedding day, but in planning a wedding weekend for 50 of my closest friends and family. This included 3 private estate rentals, welcome BBQ, a private yacht rehearsal dinner, our beach ceremony and estate reception all exquisitely designed and decorated. CDE’s staff made sure the execution of my wedding weekend was flawless. I wanted the privacy afforded by the private residences but still wanted my guests to feel pampered and not have to lift a finger.

CDE took this desire and made it a reality and then some! They planned private transportation for every guest to and from the airport and to every event, they staffed each private estate so guests would be greeted with a margarita upon arrival and shown to their private rooms featuring custom door tags and welcome gifts they even helped me to plan a spa day making massages, facials, manicures and pedicures available to all of my guests without having to leave the comfort of their estate. Many of my guests commented on how they didn’t know how they were going to be able to go back home to real life after having been so well taken care of, one guest commented to me that they counted more staff at each event than guests. If you want the event of a lifetime, look no further than Suzanne and her amazing staff at Creative Destination Events.” – Rebecca & Josh Taylor

Premier Cabo Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner in Cabo will definitely be with you every step of the way, but at CDE we also have designated coordinators whose sole purpose is to make sure your dream wedding stays a dream; meaning, everything happens where and when it’s supposed to. No last minute emergencies, no need to worry about hair and makeup for the bridal party, no worries about your guests. We’ll make sure they get to where they need to go, and are treated like the VIPs that they are every step of the way.

The only thing you as a couple have to worry about is getting hitched, and having the time of your life in a sun-kissed tropical paradise, surrounded by loving friends and family.

And isn’t that why you hired a Cabo wedding planner in the first place?

Creative Destination Events
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