Wedding Planners
Wedding Planners

Why are they imprescindible in the planning of a Destination Wedding?

Your Wedding Day is in sight and the moment to start planning has arrived, the Wedding Day you have been dreaming about for so long and in which everything has to be perfect. Maybe you have gone through some details, maybe the only thing you have is the excitement of getting started but before you do anything question yourself. Ask your inner self if you can really handle an assignment this big, if you feel like it could be a little more than what you could really handle it might be time to consider looking for some help, professional help.

Planning a wedding can be a handful; from an elopement or a minimony to a small wedding they all need a plan of action and looking into details in order for things to happen. Now, if you have decided a destination wedding is what you want, there are a few more things to consider. Let’s say you go for a Cabo Wedding, and even when you feel kind of familiar with the place after a few visits, you need to think about distance, your experience with planning an event, vendors, everything through long phone calls and tons of emails… just thinking about it gets anybody nervous. If you ask us, when it is about a destination wedding, it doesn’t matter how small or big you think it is, you will be needing a Wedding Planner by your side.

Being a Wedding Planner means to take a piece of a couple’s story and help them with the writing for a short moment in their lives, a moment that represents the beginning of them together so we know we have to make it as special as they deserve. Making their wedding planning, from the very early planning stages until the big day arrives an experience they remember as relaxed, happy and unpreoccupied as it can be. Let us elaborate a little more on why you should consider a Wedding Planner.

Wedding Planners

As planners, your peace of mind is the most important thing for us. We know putting your trust in a Wedding Planner is a big decision, after all your whole wedding and in the case of a destination wedding your whole weekend, depends on it but knowing that they love what they do and making sure things go well for you is their only drive, you have nothing to worry about, of course all of this coming from a place of experience.

Taking care of you as the bride and groom means going through everything meticulously, looking into every detail, from the preparations of an elopement dance in your room balcony to the seating of 30, 40, 50 guests, and only asking for your intervention when we have all the information we need to start making the big decisions together. Working with a Wedding Planner guarantees the best experience possible no matter how demanding you think your event might be.

Planning a wedding, ceremony and cocktail is a lot on it’s own already. From the very early steps of the planning: looking for the ideal venue for your reception and until the end of the wedding day, when the last vendor has left the wedding venue. There are countless assignments such as: legal processes, contracts with vendors, properties, HOA and so much more that needs to be planned, organized and executed.

Adding to all this, when it comes to destination weddings you need to have a plan not only for your Wedding Day, but for the complete weekend. If you decide to elope, you can have a magical romantic weekend full of spa sessions and chef designed meals, beach and pool time and if you are in the mood, some activities to share with each other. If your option was a small or micro wedding, you will need to put some attention into the  rooms and hotel accommodations, maybe a welcome party or a rehearsal dinner, only mentioning some possible extra celebration during your time in Cabo. Anything that you would like to experience in your wedding weekend will be under control without any detail unattended.

Wedding Planners

As we said before, every wedding is a new story in which we take part given the chance by you. You let us help you write every detail for a few pages, this part of the process is where we get the chance of knowing you and getting closer to you as a couple so we understand better your essence, your style and what your expectations are from your Wedding Day.

As the planning goes by the empathy and commitment from your Wedding Planner grows more and more towards your project, and that’s the importance of letting your planner be a part of your story, so we can get to see everything from your perspective and nail it all the way until the Wedding Day.

Wedding Planners

Let’s get hypothetical: how many hours would you spend in front of your computer or on the phone if by any reason you decided to plan all of this on your own? Even when considering something as small as a Minimony, you would be surprised all it takes to fully plan it. Contact with designers, venues, vendors; chairs, tables, decoration… and this is just a minimum part of something that would feel like a never ending story. As we said, you need to put yourself in question and really see things in perspective to realize that sometimes the only thing you need is a pro. Someone that not only knows about creative planning and how to style a wedding perfectly but enjoys the whole process taking you smoothly through it and making you feel trustful and confident all the way.

The importance of a wedding planner in a destination wedding

When we need help with something specific we look for the specialist, event coordination can be very fun and entertaining but let’s not forget how challenging it may also be. Our recommendation is looking for help from the specialist, the Wedding Planners.

The importance of a wedding planner in a destination wedding

After all it is your Wedding Day, call it an elopement, minimony, small wedding; it is a once in a lifetime celebration and at Creative Destination Events, as any other wedding planner company should, we want you to have it just as you have pictured it for so long. This is why we start with you as a couple, getting to know both of you, your wedding inspiration, little details like why did you decide to come get married in Cabo and let the magic flow through the complete planning process. All of what you are and the expertise on our side as event and wedding planners, is the perfect reinforcement for your visualization to become real.

All of this combined and well orchestrated will have as a result a Wedding Day where you will be dancing, laughing, enjoying the moment with each other and with all your guests, you will be having the best time while we take care of every single detail. Get in contact with us and let’s start planning that life changing event your Wedding Day could be.

CDE is the premier full-service event planning and production company in Cabo San Lucas, and there’s nothing our talented team likes more than working with clients to plan the perfect proposal for Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (619) 819-9180 for an initial consultation, or in México at (624) 105-1670.

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