Destination Wedding Planning Where To Start

If you are and thinking of having a destination wedding, congratulations! A destination wedding is much more than an event, is a whole experience. You get to travel to a breathtaking destination, celebrate with your loved ones, and get to have a mini vacation, at the same time. For you and your fiancé, is like having a mini honeymoon immediately after your wedding.

You may be wondering where to even start? Planning from distance can be overwhelming, but we got your back. We will guide you to plan the most perfect wedding away from home.

Below are the first steps and important points to consider when planning a destination wedding. After going through these steps, you have started rolling the ball in planning a wedding, and everything will start falling in place.

Destination Wedding Planning Where To Start

When looking for the ideal place to host the wedding of your dreams, think the location defines the overall vibe of the wedding. In general, whether you choose a Mountain rustic or beachside location, this will be the main vibe of the entire getaway.

Think not only about the best scenarios the place has to offer for the wedding, but also about the activities you could do with your guests or closest family, and how much time and travel will you invest before the wedding for planning trips.

Cabo is a premium wedding destination, with amazing landscapes, pristine beaches, and dessert scenarios that are perfect for an idyllic wedding. It’s a relatively short flight from most cities in the U.S and CA and has many direct international flights. It’s a world-class travel destination, that receives tourism from all over the world and we are sure you and your guest will have a blast traveling here.

Though Los Cabos is considered a beach destination, it offers much more scenery. From a dessert, rustic-Boho vibe, to an old Mexican town traditional scenery, a lush oasis landscape, or its great beaches, Cabo has a unique versatility in its venues for your dream wedding and it is by excellence one of the best and most beautiful places to get married around the world.

When choosing the season you want to get married, consider the best weather means high season. High season means high occupation and therefore, higher rates for lodging and venues. While Cabo is popular for its wonderful weather with plenty of sunshine year-round, its lower season it’s the hottest time of the year with hurricane activity, therefore you can get better deals. While the hurricane season starts from May to November, typically the rainiest months with active storms are august and September. If you are thinking to book your wedding in any of these months, you stand chance weather would not be cooperating, and things not coming out as you expected. As for the rest of the year, there are warmer and cooler times of the year in Cabo, all of them perfect for a wonderful wedding experience. Knowing how the weather is on the month you choose is key to select the perfect attire.

When planning a wedding in a different country, you want to make at least one trip before the wedding to scout first of all the perfect wedding venue and meet with potential vendors. This is something to consider before finally making a decision. As mentioned above, Los Cabos has many flight connections, so it is not hard to get here, plus, our wedding planning team is super-efficient; you’ll be surprised how many aspects are covered with just a little of your time. We promise you will even have some time to relax on your trip.

Hiring a wedding planner that is experienced in working in the chosen location is one of our top recommendations when having a destination wedding.  It will save you lots of unnecessary stress and make it a whole lot easier on you, considering planning from another country can be extra overwhelming, not only because of the fact you are not currently at the place but also because chances are there is a language barrier with many vendors. A capable and experienced wedding planning team is key to a successful destination wedding. At Creative Destination Events, we are your people of trust in Cabo. We will help and guide you from the very first moment you decide Cabo is the right place to marry, starting by finding and securing the perfect venue, dealing with logistics and vendors on your behalf, until making sure the wedding day is an entire success. Our expert team will guide you step by step through the process. Not only we will be responsible for the success of your event but will also help you manage the entire wedding vacation by helping you find lodging for guests, greeting them upon arrival, recommending and booking fun activities to do, arranging transportations, dinners, babysitters, and so on… we are your trusted team on the field.

Once you have worked on your guest list, make sure you give them plenty of notice to start planning their trip and accommodations and look for the best deals with plenty of time, at least 8 months in advance. Consider not everyone you invite will be able to attend. Don’t get upset if someone gracefully declines, is understandable since they have to travel to join you and, while we know you wish everyone could be there with you, the good side is that you get to save some money and use it somewhere else (for example, those fireworks you’ve always dreamed of while cutting the cake), versus hosting your wedding in your hometown, where the number of attendees could easily increase to a huge number that, at the end of the line add up in the bill.

While this is not 100% necessary, it sure makes everything easier. You can put all the general information of the wedding, plus booking options for your guests and fun activities for them to do, as well as travel and lodging recommendations, weather info, and attire code. This will avoid everyone calling you to ask the same questions over and over. It’s a modern and useful tool.

Talk to your fiancée about having a legal marriage in the destination chosen or go to your nearest courthouse and have a civil ceremony prior to the wedding day. Coming already married from your country of origin is a common practice and saves you a lot of formalities and extra fees.  If you opt to legally marry at the destination, start working on the requirements in advance. Your wedding planner can guide you on the legal requirement.

Secure you and your fiancé passports or travel visas, health and vaccination records to avoid any last-minute surprises. Make sure you recommend the same to all your guests.

These are some of the immediate aspects to think of when thinking of a destination wedding. Once these are defined it will be easier for you to envision your dream wedding and therefore do more detailed work with your planner on every aspect. Like we mentioned above, hiring a team of experts on the destination is key. Let the team at Creative Destination Events work hand in hand with you on the destination wedding of your dreams. We promise, for you and your guests to be an amazing experience forever remembered.

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