Planning an event is not only about perfect, clockwork logistics. Many elements make an event successful, but when it comes to aesthetics, a well-designed event must be cohesive. Every element needs to belong to the same whole, part of a theme, part of the same day, the same experience. Little details, like sticking to a color palette, a motif, or a theme make an impact on the overall look and vibe of your celebration. These little decorative crafts help connect the overall aesthetic and turn your event into a vivid, memorable experience.

Unleash creativity and give a personal touch to your celebration with details such as signage, table numbers, escort cards, seating charts, banners, balloons, or souvenirs for the guests to take… everything custom made for your special occasion. Here you will find some examples of how Arts and Crafts are present in every event!

Signage is an element of utility. It’s a décor piece that has double duty. They will help you guide guests throughout an event. These don’t have institutional, or commercial looking, at all. Functional can also be beautiful.

Incorporating the same elements used in the rest of the décor will keep a harmonic look. For example, using the same font used in the menu for other signage, playing with the materials, like that wood color that is on all the chairs, or adding that touch of eucalyptus that is in all the centerpieces.

Signage can be used to:

Welcome guests, ask them guest to do something, like putting away their phones at a particular moment of the celebration, ask attendees to sign a guestbook and write some wishes, or show them where to seat with a stylish display.

Signage not only can be beautiful but can also be fun. How about making your guests have fun while finding their table?

Did you know displaying the Bar menu will help the waiters a lot? Make it in a fun, yet stylish way and add a personal touch even in the cocktail menu.

A little sign can help you get people to know what they should be doing to make part of the celebration program at 100 percent.

With a sign, you can assign a space a special purpose.

Signage can help you ask an important question, or celebrate good news and make a moment picture perfect.

Or celebrate a Milestone birthday.

Any sign you need, whether is small or large can be made especially for your event.

Signage can be used for many, many different purposes. At Creative Destination Events, signage is custom made to the occasion, client wishes, and style.

Party Installations turn the mood of the room into festive and cheerful. Whether is just a balloon bouquet, or an elaborated structure, both are bold statements of celebration that add fun and beauty to a celebration.

This kind of décor elements, instantly bring the festive at any occasion, regardless of the space and location.

Forget about a store-bought Happy Birthday banner. Go for a laser-cut sign in any font and color you want.

Make the party “kind of a big deal” with a custom message!

Adding a structure with flowers or balloons create a focal point that will also serve as a backdrop stand for pictures. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, or a marriage proposal, structures can be used in any celebration.

A custom party installation can have any purpose you wish. They can even help you evoke memories at your event to make it extra meaningful and special, and always beautiful looking.

How about making a fun game at your party with the help of a little handcrafted piece?

Any party installation can be made especially for your event, in the right colors and style, small or extra.

Stationery is all things that are on paper. After all, paper is the best way to announce something. If it’s an invitation it represents the first look into your event style.

If its other paper elements, such as the menu or a place card, designing them within the same lines of the first invitation to keep the style and essence of the event, using a nice paper and playing with shapes keep a harmonic aesthetic and bring the entire design aspect a level up.

The classic place card on paper is a classic but can also be taken out of the ordinary with a cool laser-cut name tag in wooden material, plastic, or paper. Place cards are such personalized, thoughtful touches guests love.

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Your attendees would be delighted to be part of a great and fun event and even get a little detail to take and remember.

A favour could be an elegant piece of décor, or an item with a function, such as a name tag for sitting purpose, tequila shots, koozies, mugs… we, as planners, can guide you select the best gifts at the right moment of the celebration, as some are giving, before, as a welcome gift, some during the event are some after. Depending on the moment, is the kind of gift.

These are only a few examples of what is possible doing. You can incorporate as many fun or elegant elements to your event as you can imagine to make your event unique.

A GOBO is an image that you can project in front of a light, so light projects into the design shape. It’s an alternative to banners and signage 100 percent custom-made. It can display a message, date, names, a logo, a shape or pattern… or even assign a space for dancing through focused lighting. It creates visual interest for attendees.

Our Design Team will help you design an all original custom GOBO according to your theme.

Another fun detail with lighting are Neon Signs. As the GOBO is another alternative to signage that is super fun, glowy, and unique.

Little Details

Behind a magnificent event, there is a whole production to make the magic happen. At Creative Destination Events we have a specialized team that cares about every single detail, whether is it too small or not. After all, is the little details that make the difference. Our design department has you covered in custom arts and crafts. Contact us at and let’s start planning an unforgettable celebration!

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