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There is a very famous wedding expression: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Originally derived from an old English nursery rhyme, this verse is taken to be a good luck charm for the newly married, provided of course that the bride carries an item meeting each of the four criteria on her wedding day.

It’s a tradition at this point, but what does it really mean? We like to think it has something to do with continuity, with honoring the past while also looking to the future; with leaning on the community around you for support, while also remaining true to core values (blue being the color representative of imagination, inspiration, trust and loyalty).

And that interpretation, by the way, perfectly fits the way we at Creative Destination Events feel right now as we proudly unveil our new website. It’s something we’ve worked very hard on, so that we can best showcase our team and our services. But our core values haven’t changed and neither has our commitment to our clients. We’re still dedicated to being the best special events and wedding planners in Cabo San Lucas.

That’s our old and new, and the blue is the breathtaking ocean background you see in most of our photos (It is Cabo, after all). The borrowed? Your attention, hopefully, while we run through some of our new website features.


What’s New on Our Website

In the age of technology in which we live it’s always important to stay current as a company and to ensure we’re offering the best possible online experience to clients and potential clients alike. That was the goal with the sleek new website design and updated content options. We wanted to paint the best possible picture of what destination weddings and events in Los Cabos really look and feel like.

It’s no secret that Los Cabos is a truly spectacular area, from the dramatic rock formations at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas to the golden sand beaches that hug the region’s 100 plus miles of picturesque coastline. And when it comes to the ways in which these unique outdoor and resort settings can be used in conjunction with creative wedding and event planning…well that’s pretty spectacular, too.

With that in mind, we invite you to explore our new Real Weddings Portfolio, which shows what actual weddings look like at dozens of luxury resorts, rental villas and natural settings around Los Cabos; and our Testimonials page, which includes many detailed descriptions of what wedding planners in Cabo do to make these special events live up to, and hopefully surpass, all prior expectations. These two features are at the heart of our new look website, and we’re thrilled with the way they turned out. We hope you like them, too.

We also wanted to visually reimagine the ways in which we outline and showcase our range of services, from proposal and engagement planning to destination wedding planning to event planning for anniversaries, renewal of vows ceremonies, birthday parties, dinner parties, corporate team-builders, and many other special occasions.

These services haven’t changed, by the way. Why change a formula that works so well?


What Hasn’t Changed at All Is Our Commitment to Great Service

What’s the formula, you might ask? Couples have to trust us as their wedding planners in Cabo that we’ll walk them through every step of the process, and ensure that their special day is everything they ever dreamed it would be.

It’s a long process–often starting a year or more prior to the wedding date–but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful at all. That’s what we’re here for, after all. To deal with the small and large details so you don’t have to; to be your local ally in Cabo well before you and your guests arrive for the wedding.

It starts with an initial consultation in which we tease out the vision couples have for their fairy tale destination wedding. From there we can set up site visits to choose a venue and lock in vendors. The former is quite easy if you know what you want (say a beachfront ceremony followed by a banquet hall or terrace reception). The latter isn’t difficult either. We have worked with and have excellent relationships with all the top vendors in Los Cabos. But of course the best people in their fields are always in high demand–whether it’s officiants, photographers, caterers, musicians, or bridal hair and makeup artists–so it’s important to reserve their services well in advance.

From there it gets even more interesting as we work to bring the dream vision to life via digital models and three-dimensional floorplans, progressing then to timelines and the myriad other details which must be addressed well in advance. And of course we’re not just “wedding planners in Cabo”, but also a full-service production company; meaning we’ll be there with you on the day of the big event, making sure every facet of the wedding is seamlessly executed.


What to Expect When Planning an Event in Los Cabos

What you can expect from us at Creative Destination Events is a trusted ally for accomplishing all the above details in an efficient and timely fashion. That means your dedicated Cabo wedding planner will be in close contact–by phone, email, or if you’re in Cabo San Lucas beforehand, personally with site visits and meetings–constantly keeping you abreast of everything that’s being done on your behalf. We take great pride in responding quickly to all communications, so that couples never have to worry about whether some small detail has been forgotten or overlooked.

We also take pride, as previously mentioned, in our beautifully designed new website. We don’t think the online upgrade was necessary to remain the best wedding planners in Cabo, but we don’t like leaving things to chance. That’s how we became the best in the first place!

Call us today at (619) 819-9180 for an initial consultation, or go to to discover what’s new on our home page.

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