Love Conquers All – Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas

Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas

Although Los Cabos may never match the LGBTQ-friendly reputation of fellow Mexican resort destination Puerto Vallarta–which has been nurtured over the course of many decades–it has made it abundantly clear that it’s committed to promoting inclusivity and a welcoming environment for all, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of same-sex marriages now taking place in cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

Weddings, of course, are big business in Los Cabos. The region is one of the destination wedding capitals of North America, with a well-established infrastructure that includes same-sex friendly wedding planning from companies like Creative Destination Events, who can walk couples through every step of the destination wedding process.

But since there is more to same-sex wedding planning than mere logistics, we’ve put together this handy guide which covers all the basics, from legal requirements to tips on venues, vendors, accommodations and more.

What You Need to Know First

Same-sex marriage is legal in Baja California Sur, the state in which Los Cabos is located, and in general most destination marriages performed abroad are considered valid in the U.S. But of course this is a crucial point when it comes to things like spousal benefits, so you’ll certainly want to confirm this is true for the state in which you live before making definite plans.

If not, you can still have your destination wedding, albeit with a “symbolic” ceremony preceding the reception. We say symbolic, but this is the occasion for the ceremony you and your affianced have always dreamed of, and the one to which you can invite friends and family. It’s the most important ceremony emotionally, and the one you’ll want to preserve for posterity with photographs and videos. For legal purposes, however, the ceremony of record may be of the “City Hall” variety.

In either case, you’ll still have very definite ideas about the nature of the destination ceremony, including where it is to take place, your vows to one another, the religious affiliation of the officiant (if any), the seating arrangements, and so on. And such things will have to be planned well in advance, and in the case of destination weddings in México, often negotiated and contracted for in Spanish.

Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas

This is where your same-sex wedding planning allies come in. You’ll need “boots on the ground”, so to speak (and fashionable ones, of course!); meaning dedicated planners who you trust to bring your destination wedding vision to life, and to take care of all the local tasks that need to be accomplished before you and your guests arrive.

Why Los Cabos is the Perfect Destination

There are two very good reasons destination nuptials are a popular option when it comes to same-sex wedding planning. One is practical. Not everyone in your family may be completely supportive when it comes to your marriage. Having the wedding so far from home allows them a graceful out from having to attend, and it removes any awkwardness the two of you may have felt about having them there. The second reason is more a matter of personal preference. This is a beautiful moment in your lives. Don’t you want to celebrate it in a beautiful place, in a style that reflects your own sensibilities?

But why Los Cabos specifically?

Well for starters, this is a place where the sun shines over 350 days a year on average, and there are over a 100 miles of gorgeous golden sand beaches perfect for outdoor ceremonies. It’s also a place with world-class cuisine and spectacular villa venues featuring breathtaking Pacific Ocean or Sea of Cortés views.

Best of all, you and your friends and family will be welcome and greeted with warm Mexican hospitality wherever you go. This is not a judgmental place, nor is it a place with a track record of prejudice or exclusion.

Cabo San Lucas, in particular, offers boisterous LGBTQ-friendly nightlife and a host of boutique accommodations, with pampering amenities your guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas
Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas

Getting Started

Ideally, you’ll want to initiate the “same-sex wedding planning” process at least a year in advance of your chosen date, and the first order of business will be reserving your venues and vendors.

You’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to the former, from resort based ballrooms and banquet halls to cliff-hugging luxury villas with garden or terrace seating for ceremonies and receptions. The only limitations are those suggested by your budget.

Your wedding planner can arrange tours of various properties, and can also introduce you to the top local caterers, musicians, photographers and videographers, stylists, and the like.

Reserve them as early as possible to ensure you have them locked in for the big day.


Getting Married

Once you and your guests have arrived for the wedding, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the locale for affiliated fiestas and activities, from rehearsal dinners and poolside spa parties for the wedding party to group outings for local adventures like whale watching or zip lining. And once the confetti has all been cleared away, there’s still the honeymoon to consider.

Your planner will be there with you throughout, including the wedding day, ensuring everything happens precisely when and exactly where it’s supposed to.

At least he or she will be if you choose Creative Destination Events!

We can’t vouch for anyone else.

Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas
Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas
Same-Sex Wedding Planning for Destination Nuptials in Cabo San Lucas

About Creative Destination Events

CDE is the premier same-sex wedding planning and production company in Cabo San Lucas, and there’s nothing our talented team likes more than working with couples to plan and execute their destination wedding in Cabo. Our process at CDE starts with a one-on-one conversation in which your dedicated planner will tease out your vision for the perfect wedding. From there, we’ll start the transition from vision to reality by means of timelines, digital renderings and three-dimensional floorplans, before finally helping you pull off the biggest moment of your life with smooth precision and seamless production. Call us today from the U.S. or Canada at (619) 819-9180 for an initial consultation, or in México at (624) 105-1670.

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