Popping the Question, Cabo Style – 3 Tips for Planning an Engagement in Cabo San Lucas

What’s the biggest day of your life? It could be your wedding day, unless of course you’re the one taking the knee to pop the question, in which case that’s the biggest day of your life. Because if the answer is no, the wedding and happily ever after never happens.

That’s not an option you want to consider, of course, which is why you as the proposer have to do everything in you power to ensure “Yes!” is the only possible answer.

How do you do that? Obviously, much depends on the relationship you’ve already established. But a good plan, a plan so romantic and so picture perfect that you figuratively (and perhaps even literally) sweep your true love off his or her feet…well, that doesn’t hurt either.  

Cabo San Lucas is a natural candidate for the picture perfect part of the equation. There’s a reason, after all, it’s one of the world’s romantic capitals, and a popular destination for weddings, anniversaries, renewal of vows ceremonies and romantic getaways of all stripes. The weather is gorgeous, the beaches are amazing, the ocean vistas magnificent, and the one-of-a-kind amenities pampering and luxurious.

As to the planning aspect of your engagement in Cabo, the first thing to recognize is that you’ll need some good advice and some very good local allies to ensure everything happens exactly the way you envision.

With that in mind, here are three tips for planning the perfect engagement in Cabo San Lucas.

engagement in Cabo San Lucas
Engagement Proposal

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Planning

Let’s be honest here. You do realize that the way you propose is a referendum on your suitability as a life partner?  

We may slip into traditional pronouns here, because overwhelmingly in our business it’s still men proposing to women. But sometimes the opposite happens, and sometimes it’s men proposing to men, or women proposing to women. We don’t judge. We think it’s wonderfully romantic no matter what the circumstances or pronouns may be and we’re here to help.

We being Creative Destination Events, the premier wedding and proposal planners in Los Cabos; and the point being that the ability to navigate difficult tasks in life–to handle them not just appropriately, but with style–is something we all want from a life partner. So in this sense, your proposal is in fact a referendum on your suitability as a spouse. If you can’t make her happy with a proposal, after all, how are you going to make her happy as a husband?

Thus the first order of business in the proposal process should be to hire professional proposal planners. She won’t see it as cheating. To the contrary, she’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to ensure your engagement in Cabo San Lucas was absolutely perfect.

The Element of Surprise is Paramount

A complete element of surprise is almost impossible for an engagement in Cabo San Lucas. The destination itself is so associated with romance that the trip itself may conjure the possibility in the back of her mind. Trust us: such speculations are not uncommon, particularly if your relationship is one of long standing.

But even if she has guessed at the secret purpose of your romantic Cabo getaway that doesn’t mean she can guess the moment. Nor should you allow that to happen by hinting at it in any of your plans.

The element of surprise, you see, is very important. We might even call it paramount and say the answer you seek depends upon it.

Because make no mistake: she wants to be swept away, overcome with the emotions of the moment. Like walking down the aisle to be married, this is a moment she has dreamed of all her life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience (fingers crossed!) and one that must not only meet expectations, but massively exceed them for her to be properly disposed to your case.

There are many ways to accomplish this, of course, and part of the planning process might even involve “throwing her off the scent” with an activity she would never in a million years associate with a proposal.

Let’s say, for instance, that you and your special someone are hiking along a scenic and secluded beach trail when you round a bend an encounter a mariachi band of balladeers. They begin singing (her favorite love song, of course!), you kneel and present the ring and pop the question, and then come the fireworks. Literally, perhaps, as well as figuratively, since fireworks displays are relatively easy to arrange in Cabo San Lucas.

engagement in Cabo San Lucas
engagement in Cabo San Lucas

It’s Not About You, It’s About Her

Planning an “engagement in Cabo San Lucas” or elsewhere can definitely be stressful. It’s no different from planning a wedding in that regard.  You want every single detail to be perfect and that desire can translate to nervousness or worry.

In reality, this is yet another argument for hiring a proposal planner for your Cabo engagement. Let someone else worry about hiring vendors, ensuring fidelity to timelines and the like. The goal, after all, is an event that goes off with expert precision. So why not rely on the experts?  That way you can truly enjoy the moment.

There may still be a few nervous moments as you pop the question and await the answer, but you’ll also be able to devote your entire attention to her response.

That last bit is important, by the way, and part of the suitability referendum we mentioned earlier. You must realize that this entire process is about her.

Remember: You’ve already decided you want to get married to her. What remains to be determined is whether she wants to get married to you!

So every step you take, every move you make should be undertaken with her likes and dislikes in mind. Does she hate ostentatious displays of public affection? Then don’t plan an attention-grabbing proposal in a crowded public place. Think about what she would consider the perfect proposal then strive to make that dream image come true. 

Because if you can do that, everything else is easy. You really are Prince Charming and the moment will be as magical for you as it is for her.

Engagement Proposal

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